Align is a workshop.  Well, kind of.  Honestly,  if I could call it something else I would probably call it an IntrospectiveExploRelaxatorium.  But, you know, character limits and stuff. 


So what is it?

This is not a surface-level-networking-feel-goodery. There will be no name-tags, paper cups, or stale hotel lighting.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  This time will be about reflection, introspection, and then some guided direction.  A set of hours reserved for focused and intentional productivity, in a busy world that so rarely affords us that opportunity.

It’s a time for likeminded women, with more passion than time to discuss some of the most important issues that often times get swept under our proverbial rug.  Issues that can seem unrelated (jobs, love, life) but are actually all linked by how we view ourselves, make decisions, communicate with one another.  OK, that got heavy for a second.  This might also be a good time to call out that this workshop adheres closely to my philosophy that you don’t have to be serious to be taken seriously.  So please don’t wear anything that can’t be dry cleaned (as laughter has led to spills in the past).

What we'll talk about:


We’ll kick off the day by digging into our relationship with work.  Some really honest, guided soul searching on our practical and emotional status, and some group discussion on understanding what we want next.  You'll walk away with clarity and confirmation on your next big {or small} moves, along with tools for creating new opportunities and overcoming reoccurring roadblocks.


"We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with." - JR.  So let's look at our current relationships to see where we're thriving, suffering & where we need to devote some attention. We'll discuss old relationships that might be growing  toxic, and how you can honor and keep them sacred - as well as the new  relationships you’re craving, and easy & authentic ways to build and create them.  You'll walk away with a personalized plan for work and personal relationship building and communication. 


"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do." - BB.  We'll take a  look at  who we are and who we we have grown into, so that we can start building an authentic, meaningful plan around who and where we want to be.  There will be a lot of honest discussion around our personal roadblocks, fears, and doubts, as well as the sciences behind overcoming, embracing, and moving forward in the most authentic way possible.  


"A goal without a plan is just a wish" - AS.  There are certain things we know we truly want, and yet "real" life always seems to get in the way - and there we are, 12 months later... same spot.  We're going to change that, and you're going to get tools and strategies to create the idea plan for you.  It's time to start filling life with all the good stuff -  love, opportunity, excitement, confidence, peace, and genuine happiness.



  • Practical tools and strategies based off research and real world experiences
  • On the spot Career & Life Coaching to dig into your personal questions and path
  • A Personalized Workbook that lays out your Plan & Next Steps
  • A pretty magical bond, community, and dare I say Soul Sisters?  
  • One Virtual After Party - to keep the support and momentum going
  • One Private Follow-Up Coaching Session to discuss anything you want ($300 value) 
  • Last but not least - full bellies of cheese, wine, and chocolate - plus a heart full of memories


Date & Cost: New Dates TBD, email below to get on waiting list

Location: San Diego, California - Including but not limited to ocean views and beach walks.

Nice things people have said...

“I can’t thank Kelsey enough for providing me with genuine clarity during a critical time of indecision and ambiguity in my life. She opened my eyes to new possibilities while helping me align my goals, plans and next actions with all the things that are truly important to me. Her process is thorough, smart, and cuts to the heart of the matter, allowing an individual to find a greater sense of resolve and inner peace quickly.” – Sr. Wealth Advisor, SD
"I had never worked with a coach before, let alone gone to a workshop like this, and I was expecting a lot.  It totally met and exceeded my expectations.  It was like Kelsey was in my head and even if I felt like I couldn’t put the words together or even relate all the jumbled ideas in my head to make sense…she could!" - Tax Accountant, SD
"I left the workshop feeling incredibly inspired and empowered. It honestly gave me a new perspective on how I view my life and goals. I also loved how intimate the conversations were, due to the size of the group. Overall, I am very thankful for having been a part of such a great group, meeting wonderful, brilliant, and likeminded people, and feeling so inspired.” – Lawyer, SD
“My experience with Kelsey has been one of the best ever. I experience bouts of insecurity and “self-meaness” which impacts both my home and work life. Talking with Kelsey has opened my eyes to being able to love myself. Her open manner and friendliness makes our time together relaxed, comfortable and lot of fun – even when discussing challenging topics. Kelsey has a wide range of tips, techniques, and advice that are very effective in making me feel less insecure and open to positive relationships.” – Retail Buyer, FL  
"GO TO THIS WORKSHOP!  Even if you don't know certain things in your life or have a big goal to get to I would attend the workshop. Being with Kelsey and meeting so many different women all with the same agenda and needs was so inspiring and made me focus on my needs and desires in life. Kelsey will help provide you the clarity and direction you're missing." - Medical Device, SD