Listen... we're entering an era where opportunities are endless.  You can work from home while holding a VP title, start a small business while vacationing in France, or jump from one department to the next all while making more money and raising family.  It's crazy.  But none of that matters unless you are confident in who you, and what you truly want to do.  So let's start there.  

We're going to get clear on who you have become, what you want., and what that means for your next many (MANY) more years at work.  No more dreaded Monday's.  We're reintroducing your Work to your Life, and I promise you there are tons of ways for us to find a better, happier place for you to thrive. 

For my clients, one size fits none and I work in flexible ways depending on their needs.  Some of my previous clients include the lovely employees of: Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Gap, Tom's Shoes, Intuit, Banana Republic, Glassdoor, Gallo Wines, Applied Medical, Intuit, Protiviti, Swiss Army, Goodby Silverstein & Partners.