As your coach, my job is to help you uncover the places you might be holding yourself back, develop clarity and confidence in moving forward, and strategize solutions for your next steps.  As the leader of this group, I get to do that with a handful of soulful, talented, smart ladies.  We connect weekly to talk about the important things in life - work, relationships, the future, the present.  If you already know this is what you need this year - skip to the bottom, fill out the form, and I will give you a call to make sure this is the perfect fit for you.  Want more details?  See below. 


  • Determine your Roadblocks (emotional fears vs. legitimate, real-deal roadblocks we need to overcome) 
  • Design a Plan that’s that's full of meaning and movement 

  • Unlimited Email, Phone, and Text Support 
  • Personalized Intentions Workbook 
  • Welcome Package (includes journal and other goodies) 
  • Discount and Early Enrollment to Workshops & E-courses

    - create a plan that’s going to keep you moving forward, and get rid of thae stagnancy that causes lethargy and  doubt and lack of confidence 

    - get clear on your goals - making sur they are soulful, honest (wheterht hats money or NGO - get really truthful), 

    - create a clear vision for moving forward 

    - start doing things you truly want to do, start doing things that you’ve always wanted to do, and understand what those things are showing up in your lie right now. 

    - sort through your relationships, and get the tools tubule relationships that inspire you personally and professionally

    - get your foot i the door in the industry or compnay you’ve always wanted to be a part of / whether thats a big operate lululemon, or local card shop yo want to emulate. 

    - create a new start of the week Ritual to stay focused on the things that are really going to move life & work in the direction you want 



  • 1:1 Private 50 Minute Coaching Sessions 
  • 9 Session Sessions via Phone (or Skype) over 3 Months 
  • Unlimited Email, Phone, and Text Support 
  • Personalized Intentions Workbook 
  • Welcome Package (includes journal and other goodies) 
  • Discount and Early Enrollment to Workshops & E-courses 

Nice things people have said....

“Kelsey exudes authentic kindness and humility; upon speaking with her you feel instantly grateful for the opportunity. She delivered precisely what I needed to get past the persistent confusion I was battling with. By the end of one of our sessions I had complete clarity and was able to move forward. Kelsey didn’t force her perspective on me rather, her guidance effectively unburied the answer that was within me all along.” - Interior Designers, CA
“I can’t thank Kelsey enough for providing me with genuine clarity during a critical time of indecision and ambiguity in my life. She opened my eyes to new possibilities while helping me align my goals, plans and next actions with all the things that are truly important to me. Her process is thorough, smart, and cuts to the heart of the matter, allowing an individual to find a greater sense of resolve and inner peace quickly” - Sr. Wealth Advisor, CA
“My experience with Kelsey has been one of the best ever.  From a friend’s recommendation I took a chance and connected with Kelsey, and I credit her to the person I have become today.  I experience bouts of insecurity and “self-meaness” which impacts both my home and work life. Working with Kelsey has opened my eyes to being able to love myself. Her open manner and friendliness makes our sessions relaxed, comfortable and lot of fun – even when discussing challenging topics. Kelsey has a wide range of tips, techniques, and advice that are very effective in making me feel less insecure and open to positive relationships.” Retail Buyer, FL