8-9am Coffee + Hugs
You’ll be greeted by me (beware I’m a hugger), and a coffee bar with all sorts of yummy options + breakfast snacks – the healthy and unhealthy kind – green smoothies, fruit, and some local sweet treats.


9-12pm Work + Tribe
This time will be about reflection, introspection, and then some guided direction with work and relationships.


12-1pm Grub + Breathe

We've been nourishing our souls, time to nourish the bod.  Walks + good convo + cheese + bread + fruit + veggies - we’ll have options for everyone.


1-3pm Self + Plan

Time to put some pen to paper and make some plans.  We’ll look at our daily routines, what we want for our next year, and collaboratively put together some roadmaps that will help our growth  stay on track


3-4pm Clink & Drink

“Pleasure without Champagne is purely artifcal.” – Oscar Wilde.  Here is where we will say the I  love yous and goodbyes, accompanied  with a little music, champs, and hugs.