Hating your job sucks.  We've all been there.  When your boyfriend asks "how was your day?" and you stare at him with dead eyes, while your  predictive text guesses "😫🔫" .  

So yeah. Let's change that, shall we? 

The WORK YOU LOVE course is for people who want (and need) to feel more passionate about their work - because one more day of "just making it through" isn't going to cut it. 

You’ll look at your career—and yourself—from a new perspective.

You’ll have lively conversations with people who are wrestling with the same questions.

This doesn't mean quitting your job. It doesn't mean meditating until you hear an inner voice which says "Go to Law School". 

It means talking with like-minded women. Women who are short on time but long on passion, and sometimes need a little nudge to peek under the hood and dig into all things life, love, and career related.  It's a time to process. Time to laugh. Time to unpack your brain, maybe even uncork some wine - and start making things happen.

You'll learn how to bring more fulfillment into your work, every day—without necessarily quitting your current job.  And if we decide it's time for you to find a new path - you’ll create new opportunities, connections, and a plan forward that feels authentic to who you are, and what you want to contribute in our small corner of the world.  

How does it work? Glad you asked....

Over the course of 12 weeks of connecting, coaching, and workbooking you’ll figure out:

  • Why your current job isn’t lighting you up—even if it looks great “on paper.”
  • Whether you should stay or leave, and if you’re doing it for the right reasons.
  • Clarity around what you want moving forward - right down to every detail, including your salary, your schedule, and specific projects you want to lead.
  • What your true passions and purposes are, and how (or whether they should) co-exisit in your work life.  
  • How to work with your boss to bring your current job closer to your dream job, so that you can feel happier right away, without necessarily leaving your job. 
  • Or, how to transition out of your current job into a completely new situation—a new company, a new path, self-employment / entrepreneurship, or heading back to school—if that’s what feels right for you.



By the end of this program, you’ll understand the criteria that must be met in order for you to thrive at work. You’ll have a plan to transition into your dream job—whether it’s a new / upgraded position at your current company, or a job somewhere else. You'll have clarity and certainty about "what's next" for your career.  It feels so, so good to have a clear vision for your career instead of feeling like you’re “treading water” or “just getting through the week".  12 weeks from now, you’ll be so glad you started this process today. 


  • 9 Private Group Coaching Sessions over 3  months
  • 10 Workbooks that include planners, exercises, checklists, scripts, templates 
  • On the spot Career & Life Coaching to dig into your personal questions and path
  • Practical tools and strategies based off research and real world experiences
  • A pretty magical bond, community, and accountability partner 
  • Bonus: One Private Follow-Up Coaching Session ($300 value) available to the first 5 sign ups
  • Enrollment is closed, but get on our Wait List below!

An Overview of the Course: 

  • Prep Week:  Core Values + Confidence  
  • Week 1: Action Plan, Goal Setting, and Creating Your "Dreamscape"  
  • Week 2: Knowing your Passions & Purpose (and whether they should co-exist with work or not)
  • Week 3: Finally deciding to Stay or Leave (and making sure it's for the Right Reason) 
  • Week 4: Reflect, Refresh, and Focus Week (meditation exercise)
  • Week 5: Time Management, Weekly / Morning Routines & Rituals
  • Week 6: The Right Promotions & Jobs for your personality (Knowing what to ask for, and exactly how to ask for it)
  • Week 7: Turning Dreams into Action by Pressure Testing (shadowing, coffee dates, interviews)
  • Week 8: Reflect, Refresh, and Focus Week (self-love exercise)
  • Week 9: Connecting with the Right People (mentors, new opportunities, cold email templates)
  • Week 10:  Knowing your authentic (and confident) Story, Heart, and Pitch for networking, interviews, and first dates
  • Week 11: The 4 Keys to Making Time for Passions while at your current Job
  • Week 12: Designing your Life & Career RoadMap for the next 1-3 Years



Nice things people have said...

“I can’t thank Kelsey enough for providing me with genuine clarity during a critical time of indecision and ambiguity in my life. She opened my eyes to new possibilities while helping me align my goals, plans and next actions with all the things that are truly important to me. Her process is thorough, smart, and cuts to the heart of the matter, allowing an individual to find a greater sense of resolve and inner peace quickly.” – Sr. Wealth Advisor, SD
"I had never worked with a coach before, let alone gone to a workshop like this, and I was expecting a lot.  It totally met and exceeded my expectations.  It was like Kelsey was in my head and even if I felt like I couldn’t put the words together or even relate all the jumbled ideas in my head to make sense…she could!" - Tax Accountant, SD
"I left the workshop feeling incredibly inspired and empowered. It honestly gave me a new perspective on how I view my life and goals. I also loved how intimate the conversations were, due to the size of the group. Overall, I am very thankful for having been a part of such a great group, meeting wonderful, brilliant, and likeminded people, and feeling so inspired.” – Lawyer, SD
“My experience with Kelsey has been one of the best ever. I experience bouts of insecurity and “self-meaness” which impacts both my home and work life. Talking with Kelsey has opened my eyes to being able to love myself. Her open manner and friendliness makes our time together relaxed, comfortable and lot of fun – even when discussing challenging topics. Kelsey has a wide range of tips, techniques, and advice that are very effective in making me feel less insecure and open to positive relationships.” – Retail Buyer, FL  
"Even if you don't know certain things in your life or have a big goal to get to I would attend the workshop. Being with Kelsey and meeting so many different women all with the same agenda and needs was so inspiring and made me focus on my needs and desires in life. Kelsey will help provide you the clarity and direction you're missing." - Medical Device, SD