"Listen, I wish I could tell you it gets better. But, it doesn't get better. YOU get better." - Joan Rivers

Hi there.

My name is Kelsey.  I believe we do our best when we’re at our best, that everyone is passionate about something, and that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  I'm here to help you build a life  with fulfillment, success, and really great relationships (business and personal). And while I do love myself a good Oprah or Richard Branson quote, I believe we need a little more than that to get us moving. We need a toolbox full of actionable ways to create the life we want, and my goal is to provide people with those tools – so they can start building that life tomorrow.

We’re so, freakin, lucky to live in a time where people have the power and permission to marry their professional life with their personal desires – sometimes it just takes a little help to get there.

The process of coaching is one focused on the client. It’s my role to be a catalyst and facilitator for their insight and growth. That said – no matter which way you slice it, it’s still the product of conversations between two people, so I think it's important to give a little context about who the heck I am, and the experience I bring to the table.

I am a personal and professional coach, speaker, writer, and business strategist. On my other business card it might say snowboarder, eater, dreamer, and fresh-air-addict.  I’ve been a small business owner multiple times, an advertising director, brand strategist, single girl in the city, wife in the suburbs, and an avid investor in projects I believe in.  I’ve worked with a myriad of clients including Nintendo, Coca-cola, Elizabeth Arden, Go Pro – and my favorites are usually those who inspire me, or make me laugh.

But above all else – I’m enthusiasm’s enthusiast. Everyone has passion. Everyone has a unique perspective. And I love having a job where I can help people find, shape, and focus those things in a way to get more, give more, and overall make everyday a bit more fun.