ALIGN Retreat

Align is a one-day, in person, intimate retreat for people who have more passion that time to finally move forward in their work, relationships, and self (over soulful conversation + champagne). This special day is happening in San Diego, California on April 26th, 2019 (limited spots available).

align retreat with Kelsey Murphy
align retreat kelsey murphy

This is not a surface-level-networking-feel-goodery.

There will be no name-tags, paper cups, or stale hotel lighting.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

This time will be about reflection, introspection, and then some guided direction.  A set of hours reserved for focused and intentional productivity, in a busy world that so rarely affords us that opportunity.

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What we'll talk about:


We’ll kick off the day by digging into our relationship with work with some really honest, guided soul searching.  You'll walk away with clarity on your next big {or small} moves, along with tools for creating new opportunities and overcoming recurrent roadblocks.


"We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with”… so who are your 5?  We'll discuss new & old relationships, honoring & loving others, as well as building a circle that inspires and moves you.  You'll walk away with a new relationship checklist that inspires and motivates you.


"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do." - BB.  We'll take a look at who we are and who we we have grown into, so that we can start building a better plan around where we want to go next.  We’ll dig intn your personal roadblocks & fears so we can discover a better way forward based on your personality.


"A goal without a plan is just a wish" - AS.  It's time to start filling life with all the good stuff -  love, opportunity, excitement, and genuine happiness. You’ll walk away with a focus for the week, the month, and the year.  A plan rooted in who you want to become, and what you want to achieve.

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What the day looks like:


8:30 - 9am Coffee & Hugs

Time to dig into work & relationships.  We'll write letters to friends and mentors, determine a focus for your career or business, we'll share (and get past) some of our big roadblocks and finally move forward.


9 - 12pm Work + Tribe

This time will be about reflection, introspection, and then some guided direction with work and relationships.


12 - 1pm Grub + Breathe

We’ve been nourishing our souls, time to nourish the bod. Walks + good convo + cheese + bread + fruit + veggies - we’ll have options for everyone.


1 - 4pm “Get It Done” Time

Time to put some pen to paper, choose your focus of the next week, month, and year.  We’ll create a plan to focus on the emotional, physical, and intellectual shifts we need to make to help with follow through and momentum.  


4pm Clink & Drink

“Pleasure without Champagne is purely artifact.” - Oscar Wilde. Here is where we will say the ‘I love you’ and ‘goodbyes,’ accompanied with a little music, champs, and hugs.


All Day Coaching

Throughout each hour I’ll stop and make some time to offer up personal 1:1 coaching for your specific situation.


Our Time Together Includes:


You’ll get on the spot coaching to answer specific questions about your personal path (along with the opportunity to hear other women get coached around their own paths) - this is a favorite amongst the retreat crew.


From scientifically proven tips on how to follow through and keep your goals and habits strong, to crucial information about the way your brain works in relation to your emotions - you’ll walk away with a nerdy amount of new data.


I’ll share my personal stories, struggles, successes on everything from leaving the 9-5, freelancing, starting my own business, working as a mom, wife, and friend… and my “Top 10 Pieces of Advice.”



A 2019 Work + Life Planner with you'll hold close to your heart and want to keep with you all year long.  It’ll be a place to dream big and then action plan for the upcoming week, month, and year.


You’ll hug a lot, laugh a lot, and maybe even shed a tear. We keep it intimate, and we keep it real, so you leave our weekend with a pretty magical bond, community, and dare I say, Soul Sisters?


You guys… the chocolate tasting rocks, the cheese spread is to die for, and the champs caps it off so we leave with full bellies and full hearts (oh yea, yea - plus green juice, smoothies, break etc.))


What are people saying?

My experience with Kelsey has been one of the best ever. I experience bouts of insecurity and “self-meaness” which impacts both my home and work life. Talking with Kelsey has opened my eyes to being able to love myself. Her open manner and friendliness makes our time together relaxed, comfortable and lot of fun – even when discussing challenging topics. Kelsey has a wide range of tips, techniques, and advice that are very effective in making me feel less insecure and open to positive relationships.
— Retail Buyer, FL  
I left the workshop feeling incredibly inspired and empowered. It honestly gave me a new perspective on how I view my life and goals. I also loved how intimate the conversations were, due to the size of the group. Overall, I am very thankful for having been a part of such a great group, meeting wonderful, brilliant, and likeminded people, and feeling so inspired.
— Lawyer, SD
GO TO THIS WORKSHOP!  Even if you don’t know certain things in your life or have a big goal to get to I would attend the workshop. Being with Kelsey and meeting so many different women all with the same agenda and needs was so inspiring and made me focus on my needs and desires in life. Kelsey will help provide you the clarity and direction you’re missing.
— Medical Device, SD
I can’t thank Kelsey enough for providing me with genuine clarity during a critical time of indecision and ambiguity in my life. She opened my eyes to new possibilities while helping me align my goals, plans and next actions with all the things that are truly important to me. Her process is thorough, smart, and cuts to the heart of the matter, allowing an individual to find a greater sense of resolve and inner peace quickly.
— Sr. Wealth Advisor, SD

Meet Your Host, Kelsey Murphy

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Kelsey Murphy is the host of The Whiskey & Work Podcast, Mentor Business Coach to Marie Forleo’s BSchool, Career Strategist, and the founder of Kelsey has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Muse, LiveStrong, Living Healthy, and But on her other business card it might say snowboarder, eater, dreamer and fresh-air-addict.

Her background comes from the Advertising industry as the Account Director for Nintendo, Dasani, Go Pro, and Elizabeth Arden.  Today, Kelsey coaches people who want to feel different at work — more purposeful, more lit up, more satisfied, and more excited to head into the office She specializes in career strategy and communication and has been featured as an expert for Forbes’ top ranked career sites.

You can come say hello at


+ I can get a FREE TICKET???

Yes!  Anyone who joins BSchool for 2019 through me will get a free ticket to this retreat, plus a spot in our group mastermind to work on their business, PLUS a free 1:1 Coaching Session together. You can join us here.

+ I’d like some 1:1 coaching with you while I’m out there. Is this possible?

YAS! We’d love to go deeper during the retreat.

+ What about travel accommodations?

Yay for fun travel!! San Diego is full of amazing hotels, airbnbs, and awesome little towns and eateries to visit and enjoy while you’re out here. If you need help finding a spot I will send you my personal, local “SD Guide”.

+ I’m feeling ‘ugh’ about work, but I don’t want to find another job. Will this help me?

100% yes. The goal is to give everyone the tools and support to create a newfound schedule, plan, and process for more confidence and happiness right here they are no matter where that is.

+ Is this retreat for business owners only?

Nope - it’s for anyone who wants a dedicated day to focus on themselves and their work.  I will be there to speak to both business & career/ The goal of this retreat is to give everyone the tools and support to create a newfound schedule, plan, and process for more confidence and happiness right where they are no matter where that is.

+ When will the next one be?

No plans for another one as of now…so grab a spot today!:)

Refund Policy

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We want you to feel excited and confident in your investment, so if you’re not 100% happy after the event, we will gladly refund your money in full. As for cancellations, we encourage everyone to shop mindfully as we plan the retreat based off the RSVP’s. So if you cannot attend you can always transfer your ticket to a friend, but there are no refunds for unused tickets.


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