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If you’re ready to take your productivity & business planning to the next level — with focused goals & a 12 month plan — I have something that will make your life MUCH EASIER!

The free guide is one step towards your goals, but the NEXT step is…

Watch this video to know how to connect with the right people, gain financial freedom, and prioritize your business the RIGHT way.

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The Conscious Calendar: Business Planner

Determine the #1 thing you need to focus on in your business & learn the productivity secrets I apply every week with the exact same business planner I use for my business.

Less Overwhelm, More Followthrough



You have a gift to help others. You have a business that’s close to taking off.

You’re ready to stop procrastinating, lean into your work, and serve those who need you in a HUGE way this year!

But your “business plan” is, shall we say, a little soft.

You need to find a way to be more productive and more confident in the exact things you are focusing on.

I’ve got a simple, but brilliant, planning system that’ll do that for you.

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Hello! I’m Kelsey Murphy, a business and life coach helping people take their business more seriously, without being so serious.  We cut through the noise and focus on the things in your life and business that actually make a difference. More ease, less overwhelm. 

I’ve worked with 10,000+ entrepreneurs, alongside industry leaders like Marie Forleo, to help move them move past their frustration and overwhelm, find their sweet spot in business, and create a better planning system that helps them see the meaningful growth they’ve been missing.  

Listen, I get it.  Determining the #1 thing you should be focusing on in your business can be tough.  SO MANY SHINY OBJECTS. Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, getting new clients, building a portfolio, writing your about page, updating your branding… #somanythings.

But with some clear guidance and a few simple (but brilliant) lessons from the pro’s you’ll be able to cut through the noise, determine your focus, and finally start to move the needle on your business with less overwhelm and more ease. 

Because when you finally start focusing on the things that actually matter in your business you… 

  • Wake up every day pumped to serve other, knowing exactly what you’re going to focus on first 

  • 10x your productivity so you finally start celebrating BIG business wins

  • Feel the financial rewards of a focused, international business 

  • Most importantly there is no more guilt for being the #1 bottle neck of your own business, you feel like the CEO guiding every single day to meaningful, profitable results

  • Imagine going to bed saying “I got more done today, than I ever have!”, imagine celebrating more WINS in your business this year, than ever before, and then imagine the impact you’ll have on the lives of your family and the people who need you out in the world. 


A planning workshop & calendar that will take you through the step-by-step process of determining the #1 thing you should be focusing on in your business in order to create a more successful, impactful year. 


“Kelsey, I bow to you and your coaching to our BSchoolers. You’re a GENIUS angel.”

Author, Speaker & Host of Award Winning Web Show Marie TV



  • Quarterly Business Planning Ritual (aka: a new methodology to make sure you’re focusing on the right things in your business) 

  • 60-Minute Planning Session Video (basically a coffee strategy session with you & moi) including business coaching, real-world examples, and ample inspiration

  • 3 Step Methodology that helps you determine and define the #1 business focus that will help you move the needle this year

  • Weekly Planning System to organize your business around what’s going to create results 

  • Beautiful 20 Page Planning Workbook to make goal setting and scheduling simple and easy  

  • 10-minute Guided Visualization (in non-woo-woo terms, it’s a short meditation created specifically for business owners to help you see, clarify, and define the future you want)

  • Plus I’ll share the 3 BIG Mistakes that kill productivity, many new entrepreneurs make and how you can avoid them

  • Investment: $47 (limited time offer) 

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Kelly Leveque

“For those of you guys who don’t know… Kelsey literally changed my entire business.”

Celebrity Nutritionist for Jessica Alba, Best Selling Author

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“Kelsey, you’re seriously a genius. So appreciative of everything you are doing for our business, but even more for your friendship. Thank you so, so much.”

Founders fo PureSalt Interiors & Shoppe


“This woman has literally changed my life, I cannot live without her… and it all started when I met her at a local meet-up trying to figure out what on earth my business was & what I was trying to do.”

CEO, Author & Podcast Host of Boss-Mom (300K+ Downloads, over 1,000 Students)

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