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The Whiskey + Work and brand are hiring interns!  We’re interviewing awesome ladies to join our team for the next 12 months and looking for the perfect mix of personal-development lover and seriously impressive go-getter.  Read more to apply.

Mandatory Skills/Qualifications

  • #1 HUGE GO GETTER (like, UUUGGGEEE) – a self-starter & ability to always be one step ahead.  You'll be expected to own and run projects, so you gotta be up for taking some risks and running the show.

  • #2 INSANELY ORGANIZED – time management and being overly organized and punctual are crucial to these roles (trust me, you won’t love the team if you’re not in this category - you’ve been warned:)).  

  • #3 IN IT TO WIN IT - we bring on interns for 12 months, that's right... a whole year because we want them to be part of our team.

Specific Roles Available for May 2019

Design Intern

  • Responsibilities:

    • You will learn the brand of, Whiskey & Work Podcast and

    • Create unique designs that match the brand

    • Graphically design on Canva, turn your designs into templates

    • Create graphics for Instagram Story, Instagram, Facebook Cover Photos, Facebook posts, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Twitter posts

    • Create graphics for SquareSpace images that will be: buttons, calls to action, etc

    • Design SquareSpace pages & strategize the design to reach the customer with calls to action

    • Utilize Canva designs to personalize SquareSpace design

    • Ability to research and learn elements of simple HTML code to optimize SquareSpace designs

    • Refine the brand of Research upcoming trends in design

  • Preferred Qualifications

    • Proficient in the backend of SquareSpace & motivated to learn

    • Proficient in Canva

    • Some understanding of HTML code (or ability to learn)

    • Attention to minimalist, clean designs

    • A bit of a Perfectionist

    • Keen attention to detail

    • Great time management skills

    • Self-starter attitude, motivated and eager to grow your personal portfolio

Podcast Intern

  • Responsibilities:

    • Create social media content on Canva for two podcast episodes per week

    • Upload and edit podcast show notes to Squarespace

    • Create 60 second WAVVE clips for each podcast episode

    • Upload podcast content to Hootsuite and schedule them for their appropriate dates and times

    • Write emails to podcast guests with embedded links to their podcast episode content

    • Schedule Instagram posts and edit them by adding emojis and relative hashtags

    • Create content calendars

    • Send thank you gifts to clients

  • Preferred Qualifications:

    • Some knowledge of Squarespace, Canva and Excel

    • Good time management skills

    • Strong attention to details

    • Self-motivated and an eagerness to learn

Social Media Strategy Intern

  • Responsibilities:

    • Plan posts based on business events

    • Review & Track analytics for growth

    • Post on 3rd party softwares (Tailwind & Hootsuite)

    • Research & Learn new strategies to apply to different platforms (Pinterest, Linkedin etc)

  • Preferred Qualifications:

    • Strong skills in web analytics (Google Analytics, IG Insights etc)

    • Desire to work with the strategic numbers & development of social platforms

Other Important Details

  • Specific hours we need ya will vary, you can always work remotely and we prioritize your school schedule however when we have launch months (Jan, Feb, June, Sept) we’ll need all hands on deck - often for weekends and nights as well.

  • You'll be able to build your own personal portfolio or any of the work you are a part of (one of the perks of working your buns off on so many great projects together).

  • Yes, you'll get some free Career Coaching out of this - Kelsey always helps her Interns find jobs they love.

  • We look for Interns who want to stay with us for 12 months (10-12 hour per week).

  • The position is unpaid, but school credit is available.

  • Intern State Date is June 1st (training begins May 28th).  

Sound perfect for you?  Apply below!

Name *
#1: Are you able to research and present Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook analytics & strategy? #2: Please tell us why you love numbers and / or analytics? #3: Please send us 10 IG Accounts & 10 Podcasts you think we should collaborate with? #4: Please email us 3 ways you'd like to help us build and grow our community along with your resume to
#1: Are you able to design modern, simple, minimalist graphics on Canva? #2: Please send us 10 examples of work you admire (does not have to be our own) that represent good examples of modern, simple, minimalist layouts. #3: Are you available for quick turnarounds for materials to be posted (on nights and weekends)? #4: Please email 5 examples of your own personal work (things you are proud of) with your resume to
#1: Can you get comfortable using the following software systems by June 1st: Squarespace, Hootsuite, Canva, Wavve? #2: Are you available for quick turnarounds for materials to be posted (on nights and weekends)? #3: Please send us 20 Podcasts you think we should collaborate with and the reasons why, along with your resume to