Stay-At-Home-Mom Turned CEO, How To Build A Business While Raising Kiddos {with Natalie Ard} - Episode #66


Today’s guest is Star Kids Company CEO and Creative Natalie Ard. Natalie went from being a stay-at- home mom of 3 to starting her own business. She’s sharing with us how she turned to the internet research manufacturers, how setting realistic goals helped her avoid failure, how she ensured her family was able to transition to her new role and how she continues to make herself a priority.

Natalie is a powerhouse of knowledge and success and will definitely inspire you. Let this interview inspire you to be an accidental entrepreneur!

What We’re Talking About

  • Starting a New Business

  • Balancing a Business and Family

  • Taking Time For Yourself

Learning How to Start a Business

Natalie created a business that has been featured on QVC without any previous knowledge of how to start a business. Using the internet to help find manufacturers and figure it out along the way, Natalie has built a business with multiple products and is hugely successful. Natalie discusses how setting realistic goals are the key to avoiding failure.

Growing Your Business While Raising Kids

Transitioning from a stay-at-home-mom to an entrepreneur and business owner was done in small steps for Natalie. She shares how her focus always remained on her family and ensuring that the transition for them was as smooth as it would be for her growing business.

Remembering and Practicing Self-Care

Raising three children, being a wife and a business owner, leaves little time for anything else, but Natalie makes time for herself every single day. She gives us all the details of what a day in her life looks like from being an early riser to getting to the gym and how music plays a part of her day. It’s easy to forget about yourself, but Natalie tells us how she makes herself a priority.

You can do anything you put your mind to!

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