Thanks for joining the B-School Waitlist!

{you. are. rad. for taking this step with me}

Here's what you need to know:

- B-School so it's going to be EPIC - plus you'll get a behind the scenes point of view from me as we all work on our businesses together (even I go through B-School each year to re-set my foundation).

- You now have a B-School Mastermind spot with your name on it, so be prepared when B-School opens to grab a spot through me, make it official, and I'll introduce you to our inner circle. I’ll keep you posted the first day it opens.

- You’re going to get a BUNCH of other bonuses from me like a 1:1 Strategy Call, Group Calls, Feedback & Coaching on all your materials (or on how to create your materials:)). Just note, I only take a limited amount of people in my Mastermind so be ready to sign up when the time comes.:) 

- Now go check your email and hit REPLY on the first note I sent you so we can connect personally and tell me ONE thing you are MOST excited about for our B-School Mastermind! 

I can. not. wait. to dig deeper with you.  Go pour yourself some champs for taking this step forward!  

xx, Kelsey

p.s. While you're waiting for B-School to open go hit play on some of our raw, real & honest Whiskey & Work Podcast episodes.