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1:1 Business Coaching

Imagine getting more clarity in the next 3 hours than you’ve had in the last 3 years - that’s what 1:1 Business Coaching is about.

When you work intimately with a coach you have a partner who can define opportunities, call out roadblocks, and be a driving catalyst to 10x your goals, productivity and lifestyle.  

Some people call coaching "a short cut to their goals” others say it's "the clarity they needed to move forward" - but no matter which way you slice it, the statistics for hiring a business coach are staggering - profit margin, productivity, and overall satisfaction go through the roof with a reported 46%-86% increase on average.

So let’s do this.

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How do you know if you’re ready for this support?

  • You’ve hit a plateau.  Things need to change, but you’re not sure where to start.  Do you bring on new software, new team members simplify your offerings, go after a higher target audience, increase prices? You need a clear vision with clear priorities.

  • You’re ready to double down on your opportunities, but you’re not quite sure which ones.

  • The overwhelm’s affecting your personal life.  The business you created for freedom is becoming overwhelming.  You’ve been able to grow, but operating the way you currently are is not sustainable and is causing stress.

  • Your want your take home pay to be higher (especially for the time you’re putting in). Does that mean higher paying clients, less one off projects, a revised business model? This should be an easy fix and a top priority.

  • You’re ready to delegate so you can capitalize on the things that will actually move the needle,  so let’s find the right people, clarify their tasks, and free up your valuable time to work ON your business, not in it.

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Here’s what you need to know…

  • You’re in good company. Nodding your head to every single bullet point above? Welcome to the club - every single client Kelsey’s worked with (celebrity entrepreneurs, 7 figure earners, and even ambitious beginners) have addressed these topics and more. Every single one is solvable.

  • Acceleration happens faster together.  Working with a coach to power through these business milestones can be the difference between years and months.

  • Every minute counts.  What if this was the most productive month you ever had? What if you acquired a dream client, signed a dream partnership, finally had time for the gym while your team was busy being rockstars? Don’t let waiting become a habit, take some new action today.

Everything you get...

  • 3 Months of Ongoing Support, Business Strategy, and Actionable Planning

  • 3 Hour In-Person Intensive - also can be done via Skype (to get clear, set goals, and identify results we want to see)

  • Voxer, Text, Email Access (to review materials and give feedback)

  • Annual Business Planner

  • 8 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls (to be used over the 3 months)

  • Access to Private Spot Coaching Calls throughout the year (only available to VIP Clients)

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About Kelsey

Kelsey Murphy is a business & life coach who has been called a “genius” by Marie Forleo for her coaching, spent almost a decade working with Fortune 500’s like Twitter and Facebook, and more recently guides 7-Figure celebrity entrepreneurs (like Jessica Alba’s nutritionist, Kelly Leveque) through their business - all while hosting the Whiskey & Work Podcast and maintaining a crazy household jam packed with toddler snacks, late night dates nights, and lots (LOTS) of wine. Kelsey's been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, LiveStrong, Living Healthy,, and the LA Times but on her other business card, it might say snowboarder, eater, dreamer, fresh-air-addict curiously pursuing life.

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Do you work with beginners or only establish entrepreneurs?

Kelsey works best with 3 specific categories of people…

- 6-7 Figure Entrepreneurs who want to see more growth, a higher profit margin, and effective team development

- Business Partnerships needing better defined roles, clearer communication, and a stronger collective vision to reach their full potential

- Ambitious Beginners that are ready to take some action.  Maybe you’re still in the early phases of your business and you haven’t see the growth or profit you want, or maybe you’re jumping from your 9-5 to go whole hog into your business - either way, business coaching works as an accelerator for both those categories.

I want an even faster, accelerated option. Do you have anything else you offer?

Yes! Every quarter I offer a few 1 Day Intensive for those who want to just dive in, get their hands dirty, meet in person and make things happen.  You can ask me directly about those here. *Disclaimer - this is not a get rich quick day, but rather a set of hours fully dedicated to clarifying your next steps, brainstorming the best strategy, and putting some of those strategies directly into action.

What kind of results will I get?

Results are the only thing that matter (if we’re getting frank here), but the type of results you want may vary depending on what we decide to prioritize each month together. It may be higher sales it may be delegating and team building, it may be mindset it may be your offerings.  Ultimately, you are the driving factor in choosing priorities, I am here to consult & coach you through making the right decisions.