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Hi there.

My name is Kelsey, and my passion is helping people build a life jam-packed with fulfillment, success, and really great relationships (business and personal). And while I do love myself a good Oprah or Richard Branson quote, I believe we need a little more than that to get us moving. We need a toolbox full of actionable ways to create the life we want, and my goal is to provide people with those tools – so they can start building that life tomorrow.

I believe we do our best when we’re at our best, that everyone is passionate about something, and that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We’re so, freakin, lucky to live in a time where people have the power and permission to marry their professional life with their personal desires – sometimes it just takes a little help to get there.

The process of coaching is one focused on the client. It’s my role to be a catalyst and facilitator for their insight and growth. That said – no matter which way you slice it, it’s still the product of conversations between two people, so I think its important to give a little context about who the heck I am, and the experience I bring to the table.

I am a personal and professional coach, speaker, blogger, and business strategist. On my other business card it might say snowboarder, eater, dreamer and fresh-air-addict. I’ve been a small business owner multiple times, an advertising director, brand strategist, single girl in the city, wife in the suburbs and an avid investor in projects I believe in. I’ve worked with a myriad of clients including Nintendo, Coca-cola, Elizabeth Arden, and The American Heart Association – and my favorites are usually those who inspire me, or make me laugh.

But above all else – I’m enthusiasm’s enthusiast. Everyone has passion. Everyone has a unique perspective. And I love having a job where I can help people find, shape, and focus those things in a way to get more, give more, and over all make everyday a bit more fun.







I’ll spare you the “everyone’s a snowflake” metaphor, but I do truly believe that every person has a unique story, that comes with unique opportunities and challenges. For my clients, I believe one size fits none. I aim to work in flexible ways depending on the needs of the folks I’m working with, and will aim to find what format makes the most sense. This might look like:



We believe work and life are not like Yin and Yang.  Cosmic forces that must be kept in perfect balance.  It’s more like work is flour, and life is a cake.  It’s a key ingredient, but there’s so much more to it.  And if your cake is all flour, well, gross.

Whiskey & Work is a community of ladies created to inform and inspire while finding some purpose, adventure and a little bit of humor along the way.  It’s a place to talk about meaningful things with the levity that life requires. Like how to be taken seriously, without being so serious. Lessons in making plans, and knowing when to ditch them. Or the importance of focusing on life’s ladder, not the corporate one. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy – rad.  Be sure to check out our website and join our community below!

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Drop me a line

The first step is to get in touch.  I’d love to get to know you a bit, and from there we can discuss a course of action best suited for what you’re looking for. The initial consultation is free.