Your Resume FAQ

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Do I need a skills section… or a summary… or any other info?

My constant answer is ONLY IF IT IMPROVES your resume.  If it’s filler, then leave it off.  If it’s impressive (i.e.: you’re highlighting an impressive certification, seriously awesome numbers, big brands your worked with, or a uniques vendor negotiation skill or award - then yes! If not - then No:)).


Do I need to re-do my resume for every different job I apply for?

Short answer… no.  A really impressive resume is a really impressive resume.  If you read it and think wow, I am a bad ass - it’s probably good enough to get you in the door.  Long answer… just make sure your resume is relevant.  If you have the time and want to “tweak” - then yes, go the extra mile.  Google the job description, find about 10 keywords and then add or revise your resume to reflect those same keywords. 


Should I have my high school information in here… or my college GPA?

Short answer… no.  Unless you are literally driving home from your high school graduation, remove any references to High School Achievements unless they are super, SUPER impressive (like being asked by Obama to come to the White House).  List out your full college and degree, as well as any certifications or trainings - but feel free to leave that sub-par GPA off the resume unless it’s a number to impress. It’s time to focus on real world experience, and leave your High School loves behind.