What Brene Brown’s Reading + Best Practices on Getting Unstuck {with Kathleen Shannon} - Episode #9


The book she wrote is currently on Brene Brown’s night stand, she has over 6 million downloads on her Podcast - Being Boss, and she just got back from running what looked like one the most epic retreats in New Orleans for smart, creative entrepreneurs. She had me on her podcast to talk about whiskey and my thoughts on passion in the bedroom and now she is returning the favor with a ton of nuggets of wisdom. Kathleen Shannon is our latest and greatest guest on the show. She’s honest, open, and REAL.

We’re talking about...

  • Leaving a job you love for one you could love even more

  • Tips to get yourself unstuck

  • Figuring out what your actual values are

  • Starting a community

What clicked… when Kathleen knew to leave the day job she loved to pursue her passions fully

Contrary to some, Kathleen loved her 9-5! She was working with amazing clients, winning huge awards for her advertising accomplishments, and working with her sister. But she was also enjoying blogging & side graphic design projects.

This was when it CLICKED. Her side hustles picked up momentum in popularity, people loved following her “adulting” blog, and freelancing seemed more her style. So her, and her sister started their own branding agency.

On quitting your job:

It is an internal reality you have to reach when you quit a job to move onto the next. Your decision may not be 100% clear because the certainty of making big decisions when you’re doing something brave or listening to your gut, it isn’t always 100%.

You want to leave on good terms, knowing that if they need you, they will come begging you back. If you have dreams of working for yourself one day, this is a step toward that clarity and possibility.

How to get yourself unstuck:

If you’re not in your dream job but feel stuck, this is normal and way more manageable than it may seem right now!

  • Identify the things you have control over in your life

  • Have you been neglecting these?

  • Focus on a few of them to take control over again

  • Things will shift

  • You will feel… resilient, lighter, confident in other aspects of your life

If you want your work to be more fun… then YOU need to be the one that makes work more fun.

Challenge: Put FUN on your calendar.

When you do things that are fun and joyful you are a better person - you are happier, more joyful, kinder, and have more patience.

Have time blocked off in your calendar for fun. This will reboot you creatively, allow time to strengthen your relationships,

It only takes accomplishing one little thing, commiting to that time block, trusting, building momentum to accomplish larger things in life.

Find your TRUE values.

The #1 way to get UNSTUCK.

Find your values and set your intentions around them.

These intentions may be: more joy, authenticity, creative expression, freedom, flexibility. Bring these intentions to your whole life. Look at the themes of your life that are reoccuring to find your potential values. This is an evolving experience.

Set a goal to seek each value on a timeline. For one season, seek one true value and set your intentions around it. Then see how you evolve in this experience.

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