5 Minutes of Inspiration to Turn Your Day Around - Episode #61


If you are feeling tired this month, you are not alone. April is known as a season to restore, just as everything on earth has a season to restore and grow. Finding the inspiration for this restorative season is the key to getting out of your funk and moving forward. Being consistent and taking small steps will help you feel inspired and turn your day, your week and your month around.

You will get through this season of life because you already have many times before.

What We’re Talking About

  • Seasons of Rest

  • Turning Your Day Around

  • Feeling Stuck

Discovering Your Season of Rest and Restoration

After the New Year and feeling energized to do new things, there comes a time, usually around April, where we have lost some of that enthusiasm and need to rest. This season of rest and time for restoration is when we need inspiration the most to keep going and growing. Just as the earth restores itself each spring, we too as humans need to find ways to rest and regrow.

3 Ways To Turn Your Day Around

Getting the inspiration you need can be as simple as finding your quote for the season, finding your song for the season and finding your podcast and taking it for a walk. Living in a digital world means we need a digital strategy to help us. Imagine how simply by hitting play on our iPhones can change the way we look at the world or situations.

How To Get Unstuck in 5 Minutes

No one is immune from feeling stuck and even the most inspirational people in the world like Tony Robbins, Rachel Hollis and Oprah feel stuck at times. Taking just 5 minutes to focus on getting inspired can change your entire outlook and also open your mind to new information, leaving you feeling restored and ready to take on the world.

Share what you are going to adapt this season of life!

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