When Sadness Strikes, Here Are 3 Ways Forward - Episode #70


I have taken a personal break for the last few weeks as my sweet and wonderful father in law passed away and it was so much harder for me than I expected. For a while, nothing felt more important to me than his death.

I didn’t want to take you all down with me, but I feel really comfortable being honest with you guys about the highs and the lows I am experiencing – so thank you for that!

If any of you are having a hard time or going through something hard and you feel like you just want to curl up in bed, I can relate and I hope that my story helps you today.

What we’re talking about

  • Loss that I am feeling

  • Ways to move forward when sadness is holding you back

Things I would have said

If I had more time with my father in law and I could have said more to him, I would have told him that he was like a father to me. He was the number 1 person that my husband looked up to and my daughter adored him.

Ways to move forward

  1. Lean into the sadness and realize that you’re lucky – Our sadness is usually telling us something beautiful. Ask yourself what this sadness is trying to tell you.

  2. Take a little bit of a rest without quitting – Know and recognize that you’re going to take a break, but you’re just slowing down so that you don’t give up.

  3. Find a meaningful, tiny win – Take tiny steps, don’t scale the mountain. Small steps every single day in your life, business and relationships…Those things build up to the big things.

When you’re thinking about how to move forward, I want you to remember that the small things, are the big things. In fact, they may be the only things that matter or that will change your life.