How to Design Your Online Business From Web Guru with Michelle Martello - Episode #71


IMichelle Martello is a digital strategist for modern entrepreneurs who used to be known as the website guru for yogis. An avid yoga lover, Michelle left her software development corporate job  and became a freelancer whose expertise was in designing websites for yoga studios. With the emergence of ready-made websites, she found herself looking for an alternative way to excel in what she did best. Michelle helps entrepreneurs with their digital strategy and online launches and has great tips and advice on how to find your ideal clients and how to get referrals.

Get ready to learn about consistency, how to promote yourself, and how to succeed!

What we’re talking about

  • Becoming A Freelancer

  • Preparing For A Launch

  • Finding Clients

Leaving Your 9-5 & Working For Yourself

While maintaining her career as a software developer, Michelle found side gigs creating websites for yoga studios. She was able to take those clients and her experience with her when she moved to be closer to her fiancé and create a business of her own. Michelle became known as the expert on websites for yogis and built a successful business around that. The best part was being in charge of not only how often she wanted to work, but also how much money she wanted to make.

Launching Something New

Michelle works with many of her clients on their upcoming launches and the biggest advice she has for a launch is to give yourself time and space. It’s important to test your launch, whether it’s a course or product or something else, and ensure it works. When you prepare for your launch, make big goals for yourself and be sure to envision them. Michelle works with her clients and encourages them to think bigger than what they think they are capable of.  

Working With Others

One of the best ways Michelle says you can find clients is by attending industry events and getting to know others within your industry. By getting to know other industry professionals, you can start referring business to one another. The clients you want to work with are ones that you can grow together with and serve each other. It’s all about creating a partnership.  

Finding ideal clients will not only be good for your business but for your spirit as well!