Father, Oil Exec & Founding Band Member of “Daring Greatly” {with Dail Croome} - Episode #52


As a father to three sons, former executive and a founding band member of Daring Greatly, Dail Croome is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to approaching life, business and parenting. Dail has opened up for Bon Jovi and toured for four years yet through all of this, he has discovered ways to help other musicians with a social platform, learned that failing is more important than succeeding and the secret to being a good parent.

Enjoy this deep, heartfelt and inspiring interview and don’t be afraid to fail every now and then!

What we’re talking about

  • Being Mindful

  • Embracing Failure

  • Raising Kids

Being Present and Mindful

Taking time to slow down and enjoy your surroundings and the journey you are on creates more enjoyment in life. Being mindful of details and letting go of expectations create a new outlook on life. Dail shares how he has been more mindful in regards to not only his journey in life but with his sons as well.

Own Your Situation

Failure is inevitable but the true secret to success and growth is learning from your failures. Dail discusses the meaning behind the Theory of Maximum Error and how it is proven that we actually grow much more from failing, than we do from succeeding. Based on this theory, we should fail as often as possible.

Giving Your Child Autonomy

As a father of 3 grown sons, Dail has some parenting advice that we can all learn from. Giving your child more autonomy to make his or her own decisions early on is important, but teaching them to be accountable for those decisions is of equal importance. He gives us insight on to what 4 things we should be doing to simply be good parents.

It’s time to get brave!

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