The Summer Slump

It's hot - like, I want to live in a pool all day with rosé in my hand otherwise I'm mad at the world - hot. 


We're all wondering the same thing... where the hell our energy went, why we feel so unmotivated, where the coffee is, how old am I, what's going on?!?

It's the summer slump.

Everyone's vacays are staggered throughout 3 months, but it seems to be all we hear about and all we can think about. 

But here's the thing. 

There are still 3 solid months where we have to get stuff done... and not only "have" to, but WANT to.

We want to feel motivated, accomplished, energized.

So when we hit the summer slump, and everything feels a little harder and a little slower, we default to feeling a bit like a lazy bum.  So here's my advice.

Don't fight it. Embrace it... but with rules.

Give yourself a shorter summer list to get done tomorrow morning - then let yourself play.

Feel accomplished, but be realistic and easy on yourself during the season of summer.

Agree to 3 things to get done in the AM vs 5 things, and then go spoil yourself in this weather.

Promise yourself to accomplish 1 tough (but important) thing this week vs. 3, then cut out early on Friday for a drink with the girls.

Check one thing off your list you've been wanting to do (one meaningful thing) then plan a day off at the beach.

Don't give up just because it's hot.

Embrace the season... with a few small rules.

Trust me - it makes the rosé taste better.

Stay motivated. Stay cool. 

xx, Kelsey