Opportunities Can Be Found Anywhere

2018 is full of crazy, opportunities (amiright, Oprah?).  

A bottle of rosé wound up on my front porch just the other day with this note:

"Dear Kelsey, 
I’ll forever remember when I bravely spoke about my passion (aka: curiosities;)) for wine. 
The thrill of meeting and representing the people, and sharing their culture and story behind a bottle of wine. 
Well, here is a bottle of this new career chapter, thanks to you - 100% hand picked, Provence Rosé.  Thank you for everything.”  

Cue waterworks.  #allthefeels x 100.   

There is so much opportunity out there. 

Opportunity that we miss when we’re afraid. 

We’re scared people won’t want us, jobs won’t want us.   

We’re scared that we want too much, that our “asks” are unrealistic. 

When truly, they’re not. 

You can, and should, have a job that does meaningful things in the world.

That pays you an amount you feel over the moon about. 

That gives you flexibility to prioritize your personal life, family, passion, and adventure. 

Trust me, places like Twitter & Facebook are bringing me in to talk about things like… 

"How Find Your Passions” & "Career Planning With Purpose.” 

There are wonderful companies out there that want to give you wonderful things.

And January usually awakens that craving to find a job, that'll give you #allthethings.

Which to that I say…  “Umm… can we have some wine, talk about this for hours, and dream, and analyze, and make a plan?”  

Because those opportunities are out there.

I see them every. single. day. 

And I want them for you.

Not simply because you deserve it. 

But because every woman out there needs to see that they, too, can have something different, unique, amazing. 

That when you have kids, you can create a new lifestyle that works… or simply hit pause and then thrive again in your career.  

That when you travel and explore side projects, you become more valuable to companies, not a liability.  

That working from home two days a week might make you a better mom, wife, and employee.

There are a lot of amazing companies and opportunities right now… 2018 is the year to grab them.

Because it’s our job to show our sons and daughters what a passionate life looks like. 

So keep your eyes open and ears to the ground.

Opportunities can be found anywhere.