That "Gut Feeling" You Shouldn't Ignore

So Last Saturday night I decided to become a spin instructor. A wine induced idea, I’ll admit.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.12.42 AM.png

I had a vision in my head… spandex, Flo Rida, and me yelling “YOU’VE GOT THIS” to all my adoring, hard working, ass kicking students.  Doesn’t that sound fun?!?

Small detail: I don’t spin (it actually hurts my boney butt #eyerollemoji).

But my hubs told me about his co-worker (in the medical field) who moonlights as a Spin Instructor and I couldn’t help but think... wow, I wish I could do that.

You know that feeling?

Man, I wish I had that badass hobby (insert Lobster fishing every Saturday morning with your best bros in a kayak).

Man, I wish I had a job like that (insert sustainable jewelry shop owner who travels 3 times a year to Bali).

Man, I wish I was cool enough to do that (insert moonlighting as a spin instructor even though my day job has NOTHING to do with that). 

It’s that moment you hear about something AWESOME someone does and you think… I. WANT. THAT.

THOSE are the things you should listen to. How do you normally react when you feel that tug of curiosity and excitement?

Have you trained yourself, your body, your mind to go after those things?

Or do you just move along…and let that inspiration pass by (even after visions of spandex and awesomeness)?

Those moments of excitement, of envy, of inspiration… that’s your gut telling you - GO AFTER THIS.

Not because it’s the “one perfect passion or goal”.  But because it’s an adventure calling your name.

Those sparks you feel… even the tiny seemingly weird ideas that stir your curiosity… those are the things that will lead you to the best jobs, relationships, and opportunities.

Following your curiosities shows you your passions.

Your passions lead you to your people.

Your people lead you to opportunities.

So the next time you feel that spark. 

Follow it.