How to Find Your Passion Without Quitting Your Job {A 30-Day Plan} - Episode #2

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Passion, that loaded word looming over us all throughout the course of our work and life. Do I have any passions?? What are they? Am I following them? Should I be following me passions?

Today we'll help you figure out:
What your passions are
-  How to find them
-  And even, how to be more interesting

We’re going to dive into:
  Goal Setting
-  Motivation
-  Time Management

First - let’s shift “finding your passion” to “following your curiosities”?

You guys know how I feel about the word passion… it’s a buzz kill, over hyped, and too loaded to enjoy. So save that word for the bedroom (where it belongs), and simply starting to listen to and follow your CURIOSITIES. Those are the things that we tend to ignore because we think they are silly or unimportant - when in reality they are the things that make us more interesting, excited about life, and brave enough to go after our dreams.

What are the things you can’t stop reading about online, find yourself googling late at night, could talk endlessly about over glasses of wine? Start there. Finding these “passions in the form of curiosities” will spark an affect on so many other aspects of your life - work, love, play.

Second - REMEMBER you don’t have just one passion, you have many.

Do not fixate on finding that one end all be all passion… embrace the fact that you’re going to have many. Be a person with MANY passions - some that are work related, personal, weird, with a group, solo style. Some will be passions you are good at, some will be passions you are not good at but you simply do because they are fun. None are perfect, ALL are meaningful.

Third - Go CREATE your passions, don’t wait around to FIND them.

“We don’t find our passions, we create them.” When attention is given to these passions, that is how they are created. Every day, 15 minutes sista, spend some time becoming more interesting, more fun, and more lit up by life.

Here’s how (with a free 30 Day planner):

  1. Choose a passion for the SEASON to focus on it for 30 days.

  2. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to this passion (consistency is key).

  3. Promise yourself to become more interesting.

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xx, Kelsey

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