How To Find Confidence to Speak Up in Meetings & Feel Less Anxious - Episode #6

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I’m sure everyone can relate to this one… you’re sitting around the conference table with a lot of smart, impressie, experienced people. And you know you want to say something… but you’re hesitant… not because it is incorrect, but the insecurities of being vulnerable race through your mind.

Today we’re talking about

  • Finding the courage to SPEAK UP

  • Finding the RIGHT words to say

  • Making a meaningful IMPRESSION

  • How to get rid of that conversational ANXIETY

  • Getting noticed for your AUTHENTIC strengths

We’ve all been there. The moment passes and you feel disappointed, annoyed, and a little ashamed of yourself.

Start with the right reason to speak up. Not to be noticed or succeed, but focus on the meaningful, important things in life…

  • Focus more on your relationships

  • Focus on figuring out who you are, how you can be better/happier/full of energy and kindness

  • Figure out how to do more important, valuable work in your 40+ hour week

Be honest with yourself about the real reason you want to speak up, not just in meetings, but in life… that’s when things change.

Say smart, meaningful things - be relatable, make people smile, make people proud they know you for that thoughtful response, make people curious.

Value yourself for your confidence...who you are and what you have to say.

3 Tips to SPEAK UP:

  1. Get out of your own head - learn from zen master Leo Babauta

  2. Set a goal to speak up 10 times… & you’ll stop focusing on making the first perfect

  3. Remember the ultimate goal - to be the type of person who is confident in who they are, therefore can easily and enjoyably speak up anywhere

Find joy in practice.

See the bigger reason.

Create a world where we value who we are & what we have to say.

Your voice needs to be heard.

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