How To Automate Your Business and Keep It Authentic with CEO of Marrs Marketing {Dawn Marrs} - Episode #50


After discovering that she was the only one who wasn’t absolutely in love with her government job, Dawn Marrs decided to make her dream of freedom a reality. CEO of Marrs Marketing, Dawn helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and service based business owners automate their businesses and become the true CEOs of their companies. Not only is Dawn a truly wonderful person filled with knowledge, but she also dishes out the secret weapon behind what it takes to write your email newsletters and how to respond when naysayers try to get you to give up.

Dawn shares how sometimes you just have to hit the send button and get on with it along with how you can gain traction with your followers and clients.

What we’re talking about

  • Being An Entrepreneur

  • Your Talents

  • Staying Authentic

Entrepreneurism Is An Easy Job

When you are an employee, you most likely have a boss or manager telling you what your job is and how to do it. You have a job description and receive annual performance reviews. When you are an entrepreneur, you wear every hat there is including marketing, accounting, customer service and everything in between. You spend your entire life preparing to be an employee, so when you choose to be an entrepreneur, you haven’t gotten that training and have to start from scratch.

You Have To Share Your Talents

Marie Forleo once said, “When you don’t share your gifts with the world, you are stealing from those who need it most.” If you have a talent, a service, a product or value and are able to help someone in the world with it, then it is your job to do everything in your power to share that with the world. Dawn is a master of automation and questioned if she should be speaking on it, but knew deep down that she had a talent others would benefit from.

Staying True To Who You Are

Whether you are drafting an email for your newsletter or introducing automation into your business for a simple way to do refunds, you can and should always stay true to your authentic self. Automating your business does not take away from what you offer your clients or your personal touch. Instead, it brings you the freedom you intended for when you started your business.

Be true to who you are and please share your talents with the world!

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