What It Takes to Raise a Business & Family You Love {with Dana Malstaff} – Episode #11


With over 500,000 downloads to her podcast Boss Mom, and a hilarious, smart, engaged FB Group of 33,000+, my next guest is the INSPIRATIONAL Dana Malstaff. Author, speaker, business coach, and my dear friend, Dana Malstaff teaches mama’s how to raise & nurture a business that they love. Live from Dana’s Boss Mom Retreat, Dana and I share how the heck we figured out life.

We’re talking about…

-      Questioning yourself in finding next steps

-      How to move through hard times with family

-      How to love your work & babies with limitless love

-      How to meet friends who inspire you

Questioning yourself in next steps

Through each position and job shift, it is normal to find yourself questioning your current state, but hesitant to change course forward because you question the future state. When you pursue many job opportunities, you uncover different strengths you may not realize you have.

Be PROACTIVE. Look toward the opportunities and trust your gut. Discovering these strengths & uncovering these passions allow you to find what you love and DO what you love. It is OK to say no to things, in order to create SPACE to say yes to the most meaningful things.

Remember to take a moment to step back from the forward momentum of your business or career path. On the surface things may be cruising in the right direction, but are they speeding? When you have things that seem to be working, slow down and ask yourself, “what’s working, why, & how will I get it to work better?” Step back to make sure you are happy in the other aspects of your life. Are you happy in fulfillment? Are you content or passionate? This will help you avoid falling down the path of a life you don’t want to lead.

Move through hard times with family

Starting your own business will not launch you into the 6-figures immediately. Remember this & don’t shy away from the slow start. Have those conversations and a mutual trust with your partner that this dream CAN and WILL become financially viable is key.

It is normal to question your decision-making skills amidst hard times…  but this is the most important time to lean on others, find friends who inspire you, find “mini-mentors” (link), take space back to reevaluate the business and your true values.

Life still goes on… past the good or bad decisions, and you must not dwell. Set up your life, self, inner critic, businesses, and relationships to give ourselves space and deal when life gives these hard times at any point.

Limitless LOVE for your work & babies

Defy the myth: “if I love my business, I don’t love my kids enough.” Take this down. You can have LIMITLESS LOVE for your business and your kids. Integrate your kids into your business by setting an example. When you feel loved & are doing things that allow you to love what you are doing… you will get infinitely more love. There is an empowerment to love & passion. When you find things you love doing, then you enjoy doing things more in other areas of your life. When you do things that light you up, you leverage time by doing things that fuel you.

Meet friends who INSPIRE you

In the places where you think: I want to be somewhere else because life is hard, you find the people that you want to be around…because they distract you from the things that are hard. Sometimes, feeling like you’re in the right place is stepping away from the things that are hard to think about and coming back to the place that, we are all just people, who all have crap going on, and we’ll all be ok.

When we choose to be vulnerable, about the things that make us uncomfortable, it makes others feel more connected, less alone, and is the most powerful thing that we can do right now in this world. The people you surround yourself with, will carry you through those hard moments, because they will create the space needed to help you move forward.

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