What A Miscarriage Feels Like: My Story - Episode #59


The topic of miscarriage is still somewhat taboo, yet 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage. Today I am sharing my story of what my miscarriage looked like 9 months ago. You’ll hear what I went through, how the other side now looks and how you can support someone who is going through one. This episode is deep and emotional, but my hope is that it will help others talk about miscarriage and be more open about the experience, the pain and the emotions.

We are strong, gentle, quiet warriors and you are not alone in any of this.

What we’re talking about

  • Miscarriage

  • Hearing The Story of Others

  • Being The Supporter

  • The Aftermath of a Miscarriage

My Miscarriage Experience

After sharing the joys of our pregnancy news with family and friends, I miscarried at 12 weeks and although my hope was to do it naturally, ultimately I ended up in the emergency room. The reality hit me then of the pain and suffering I was going through mentally and physically along with the question of how can I protect my next baby best.

Don’t Take On What Others Share

When you tell others that you’ve had a miscarriage, they will share their stories and grief and often times it will seem that they need support from you. It’s not up to you to take on their grief. Allow people to go through their own things without taking it on.

How To Support Someone Going Through A Miscarriage

Don’t send flowers! Send a card and preferably an Emily McDowell card that says what we need to hear, like “This just sucks,” because that’s really all you can say. Respect that often times, a woman will want time to grieve and just not talk to the outside world because she’s feeling emotions that are raw and a loss that is beyond confusing. Tell her you’re here for her in whatever way she needs.

Life After A Miscarriage

The miscarriage is tough, but it’s the aftermath that is often the hardest part. You will want to crawl into a hole and that hole will look different at times. It might mean escaping by being social and going out or it could be curling up on the couch and binge watching Netflix. The reminders will go on for some time because your body has gone through the physical effects of being pregnant and then the due date will suddenly appear. It will be ok though because you are so very strong.

You are not alone and the amount of strength you have is immeasurable.

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