Co-Founder of Generation.Mom Talks About Starting A Business For Modern Day Motherhood {with Lara Schulte} - Episode #62


Motherhood brings not only a child, but also some unexpected changes to your life. When Lara Schulte, co-founder of Generation.Mom became a mom and discovered that her corporate career wasn’t truly the one for her, she sought out to create a platform where mothers can talk freely, know they aren’t alone and meet others just like them. Along with her co-founder Jenn, they are your girlfriends who will tell you how it is, while encouraging you and inspiring you.

Lara shares how life is working for us, not happening to us!

What We’re Talking About

  • Motherhood

  • Changing Careers

  • Relationships

Motherhood Changes You

When you have a child, you become a different person and the relationships in your life change, yet no one really tells you all of this. Lara shares how her relationship with her husband, friends and career changed in addition to feeling a part of her identity disappeared as well. Working in corporate sales for over a decade, Lara worked hard to gain the success she had, but felt that having a child changed who she was.

When You Decide To Change Your Career

Having been the sales success that managers looked to, Lara was always curious and knew there was something more out there for her. She soon discovered that becoming a coach was a purpose she wanted to further explore, but in doing so, she found she wanted to pivot and be one of the voices for mothers who didn’t have a place to go.

Connecting With Others

There is always talk of the journey that everyone is on and finding joy in it. The joy comes from the relationships you discover and grow along that journey. It’s the joy you find in being able to laugh, cry, learn and connect with those around you. Lara’s journey has brought her closer to her friends, husband, her children and with thousands of other mothers.

Look for joy in your journey!

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