Nutrition Stripped CEO on Morning Routines, Daily Health Habits & Using IG For Business {Featuring McKel Hill Kooienga} - Episode #83


McKel Hill Kooienga, CEO of Nutrition Stripped, turned her business from a side hustle into career by building a blog, social media presence and empowering women to be in charge of their health. McKel is sharing her own morning routine and healthy habits, as well as discussing how the food we eat isn’t always the core issue we are dealing with and what a strong activity visualization can be. If that’s not enough, McKel is also dishing about her Instagram strategy and how she’s grown her following. 

Discover confidence in knowing your behaviors!

What we’re talking about

  • Morning Routines

  • Healthy Habits

  • Instagram For Business

Starting Your Day With A Routine

Creating a morning routine is what the majority of successful people do and McKel is no exception to this rule. She’s sharing her routine in detail and it all starts with a glass of water, a cup of tea and journaling. McKel suggests you split your day into 5 parts and start it with a morning routine which will help set the pace of your day. 

Discovering How To Be Healthy

As a new client of McKel’s, the first topic of discussion is not about what you eat, but about your life, your habits and the bigger picture. Often times our eating habits are rarely about the food we eat, but about the circumstances in our lives. Food should be enjoyed and McKel empowers women to be in charge of their health. 

Engaging With Your Followers

Nutrition Stripped started as a side hustle for McKel which allowed her time to grow her blog and social media following. Over the years, McKel has focused and been successful on Instagram due to not only her beautiful images, but also because of her active engagement with her followers. McKel truly enjoys interacting with followers and following their health journeys. 

Start applying the science of nutrition and practicing the art of healthy living!