Quitting Her 9-5, Starting A Failed Blog & Succeeding In A Copywriting Business She Loves {Featuring Jacqueline Fisch}- Episode #79

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Jacqueline Fisch created a successful business that she loves after leaving the corporate world and becoming a mom. Jacqueline she tried more than one thing in order to discover what she enjoyed doing the most and turning that into her career. The journey to discovering your passion also comes with decisions around finances and what will work for your family and Jacqueline shares how she and her husband had that discussion. From starting out by working for free to replacing her corporate income by working less hours, Jacqueline is a firm believer in leading with your strengths, especially if they come easily to you.

Discover what you want to lean into and go for it!

What we’re talking about

  • Deciding To Be Your Own Boss

  • Finding Your Purpose

  • Following Your Strengths

Knowing You’re Ready To Launch A Business

After Jacquline had her first child, she quickly realized the corporate world didn’t look the way it had before she became a working mom. Shortly thereafter, she was laid off, not once but five times. At that point, Jacqueline decided that the universe might be telling her it was time to listen to the nudges she was feeling about working for herself and creating a business that not only worked for her but that she loved. It is scary to go from a paycheck to looking for one, but Jacqueline and her husband set a financial goal and she set milestones for herself. 

Just Because It’s Easy, Doesn’t Mean It’s Wrong

We all have strengths and weaknesses and there are certain tasks that just come easy to us. Jacqueline says you should follow those strengths because if they are easy to you and you enjoy them, then your audience and clients will also recognize that and in turn they will want to work with you.

Discovering What You Want To Lean Into

There are little tugs or nudges pulling us in the directions that intrigue us and it’s those tugs that we need to listen to. Listening to the nudges help us discover not only what we want to do, but what we want to spend our time on and to lean into. If we ignore those tugs, then we are making a decision to stay in the exact spot we are currently in. You deserve to listen to what’s pulling on your heart and to find what lights you up in life. 

Doing nothing is also making a decision.