Fitness Inspiration, Keep Going Kat, Lost 65 lbs with Zero Gym Time {with Kat Maisano} - Episode #13


Oh Kat… you had us at craft beer and good looking buns.  This incredible lady Maisano is a stay at home mom who lost 65 lbs through home workouts, leads an epic tribe of almost 60K women on Instagram, runs a business called Keep Going Kat and she’s obsessed with craft beer.  I knew we had to meet this lovely, talented and crazy resilient lady, ASAP. Now Kat runs a successful, thriving health and wellness business where she’s been featured by Shape Magazine & Parents Magazine teaching people all over the world a few secrets to losing weight, meal prepping, and finding the perfect balance of foods for you body.

But there is a bigger reason why her followers adore her. She tells you the truth. The good the bad, the ugly - which is so special, unique, and important in the health and wellness world. Especially in the Instagram health and wellness world.

What we’re talking about

  • Effects of consistency

  • Cultivating close relationships

  • Overcoming business (and personal) struggles

  • 3 Simple but smart health tips

Consistency… It won’t happen overnight

Kat Maisano has grown a huge, dedicated, and supportive Instagram tribe… but this didn’t happen for overnight. She shares that through consistency with posts, constant engagement and cultivating raw and honest relationships with her followers, she has been able to grow her tribe to a magnitude that she never thought would happen.  

Why Kat’s lights were turned off

When starting a new business, there can be many struggles. For Kat and her husband at the start of her business, their struggle was with money. She was a stay at home mom with her new baby and her husband was unemployed as well. Kat shares with us the reality of what she had to do to stay consistent and get content to her followers when she didn’t even have electricity to charge her phone.

Find Your ‘Why’

Kat helps her clients find the deeper purpose and meaning behind their health and fitness journey by determining their ‘why’. She shares how important it is to set meaningful and actionable goals that can be realistically achieved.

A few simple but smart tips:

  • Make water your best friend

  • Schedule your workouts and make them a priority

  • Plan and prepare to avoid roadblocks

LOVED chatting with this lady and all of the insight she had to offer - she was awesome! Hope you enjoyed it too.
xx, Kelsey