3 People You Need in Your Life ASAP - Episode #14


Being an introvert ain’t always easy, but one thing that can make it much more effortless, is having three special kinds of people in your life. Look for the people who can teach you, the people that can learn from you and the people that are on your same path and there with you every step of the way.

What We’re Talking About…

  • 3 people on my relationship checklist you should make sure you have in your life

  • What holds us back from finding better mentors, and more soulful friends

  • The truth about how much your circle of influence really matters

  • And a few secrets to all my introverts out there about making new friends


  • Find a friend that is one step ahead of you. We all have things that we still need to learn, nobody knows everything. When you’re in a place where you are craving growth, find that someone who knows a little more from you and learn from them.

  • Find a friend who is walking the same path as you, that special someone who will be there every step of the way to cheer you on.

  • Find a friend who may be a couple steps behind you. It is important for us to recognize how far we have come and all of the knowledge we have to offer to people. Teach them the things that you have mastered. You have done some amazing stuff and it deserves to be celebrated.


No matter what kind of personality we have, as people we crave deep soulful connections. If you are introvert you can sometimes forget the end goal and choose to keep to yourself, but you can do this, you just have to be brave. Find those three friends who make you feel empowered and push you to do the work that inspires you.


Your time is precious… use it wisely. Find these friends to help you on your journey to a successful business, a happier life, a work environment you love. You will never regret spending time finding the friends that fulfill you with the energy to keep going.


Spending time being brave and making new soulful relationships does not mean that you must be a new found extrovert. We must go through seasons to find the people we need to surround ourselves with and then we must go through seasons of cultivating those deeper connections. Putting ourselves out there in a way that is out of our comfort zone does not mean we have to pretend to be someone else, but those courageous moments can bring us people that will be around for a lifetime.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

xx, Kelsey

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