The New Southern with Self Taught, Heart of Gold, Architectural Digest & People Mag Photographer {with Alyssa Rosenheck} - Episode #19


Alyssa Rosenheck is a self-taught, untrained photographer and has found herself being asked to shoot houses like Luke Bryan’s and Victoria Secret celebrities. And while she can bring to life interiors in anyone’s house as she has done so many times for places like Architectural Digest and People Magazine, her story and her convictions run a lot deeper than that. 

Alyssa is an architectural photographer and stylist, praised on the pages of the world’s leading magazines but really, it’s her spirit and soul that has touched the hearts of so many people. As a storyteller, and fierce champion of her clients, Alyssa believes in the power of vulnerability and creativity.

This woman has such a beautiful soul and I am so excited to share our conversation today. 


What we’re talking about

  • Being diagnosed with cancer 

  • Starting a business with zero skills

  • Creating meaningful and soulful friendships

  • Advice for jumping from one line of work to another


When to say yes

“What’s lasting and what gives glue to the day are the good people you’re working with. I want to work with ego-less, process driven people who are passion forward, who believe in their product and who believe in collaboration.”

When choosing who to surround yourself with it’s vitally important to not surround yourself with people who are only caught up in how the opportunities you present can bring them fame or momentum for personal gain.


Rules to live by

“I feel that when you are living from your fullest, most authentic, soulful self, you’re truly stepping into your worth.”

When you do this, as a result it creates a ripple effect and it inspires others around you to do the same. If this is done at a very micro level you are adding more kindness and love to your communities and to the world. 


Listening to your internal compass

Anything that is lighting you up, giving you energy, bringing you joy or giving you goose bumps… Whatever these little moments are, you should follow that. This is what’s going to bring you one step closer to your purpose.

Dreaming big

Everyone should be dreaming big and thinking about how they can dream bigger, how they can push themselves out of their own comfort zone and just go for it. 

Being of service

I’s really important to hone in on who you can help every day, be of service to others and provide some inspiration.

Making real connections

“When you find them, those relationships are the ones that move you!”

Everyone should have beautiful friendships and soulful connections. People forget that they have to go after them, and pursue them. You have to be brave and vulnerable and raise your hand and say you’re looking to connect with other like-minded business women who are on the same path as you. 


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