How To Build An Emergency Pack For More Motivation, Less Doubt - Episode #24


When things don’t go right, when we start to feel stuck, overwhelmed, feel behind or buried in a to-do list or holiday schedule, it’s so important for us to know and to identify what those things are that we need in our life. Not only what we need in our life but also in our day, to make sure that we not only feel whole, peaceful and productive, but we feel like we can move forward in a way that we’re proud of.

If you’re feeling under it right now, especially during the holiday season, I am with you! We are going to get through it because I’ve got a couple of really great tips I’m going to share with you today. I think some of this will be really helpful, not only in the holiday season but as you hit different moments throughout the year where you’re feeling overwhelmed.

What We’re Talking About

  • Emergency packs (not the kind you’re expecting)

  • What I have in mine and what you can put in yours

The idea behind building your own emergency pack is something that I have embraced and used in my business and my personal life to keep moving forward when I am feeling lost, confused and especially when I am feeling overwhelmed. It’s a smart easy way to stay motivated even in your deepest, darkest moments of doubt.

My Emergency Pack

In moments of questioning myself, ending up in this tail spin of self-doubt and I lose all motivation, I’ve created myself an emotional emergency pack to pick me back up! It’s for those bad days when we want to hide under a rock or are feeling completely uninspired.

When Life Happens

I had a week like this where I was ready to hit the ground running but then my daughter fell sick, and I had to shut things down. With this in mind I had to rearrange things, but as you know, sometimes when things fall apart, they just fall apart, you cannot put them back together in the timeline that you originally had.

A lot of us are going through this right now, where we are feeling so overwhelmed and disappointed. Maybe you’re just having an emotionally bad day and you are questioning everything.

It’s empowering and it’s important that we know how to get ourselves back on the horse without anyone else around us. We need to know:

1. It’s important for us to remember that we can handle hard things and do it on our own.

2. We need to be able to clearly identify the things that keep us moving forward.

Your Digital Emergency Pack

To kickstart your habit of being independently confident we’re going to create a digital emergency pack so that you can have it at your disposal anytime of the day. These are 3 simple, powerful things you need to have:

1. Find something that gives you the Insta feels! It makes you instantly laugh, cry or feel more love. It could involve music or a video.

2. A reminder to write down your top 5 for the day. What are 5 wins you’ve had? The small wins matter so much!

3. Make sure that you have easy access to all of this, it’s called a digital emergency pack for a reason. This shouldn’t be tucked away in a draw for rainy days, it should be on your phone or somewhere you can access it within 1 minute.

When you’re looking for motivation pull out that emergency pack. Feel inspired, and remind yourself why you’re actually doing great.

Thank you so much to joining today, I’m over the moon grateful to have you as part of this


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