How To Make A Career Change From The 30-Year-Old Today Show Intern {with Michelle Vartan} - Episode #25


Michelle Vartan is a mission-oriented journalist, host, content producer and creative director telling inspirational stories that will help better other people’s lives. Her stories can be seen on LIVESTRONG.COM, The LA Times, and San Francisco Magazine to name a few.

This girl has walked the walk when it comes to following your gut even when it tells you to try something completely different and unknown. She made a jump from a high-end sales job to being a 30-year-old intern at The Today show, starting from scratch, to climbing the ranks and interviewing some of the most incredible people like Deepak Chopra and Venus Williams.

We’re going to talk about some of the most exciting and terrifying things she’s ever done and how she found the hubs & career of her dream. Michelle is not only my best friend but she is an incredible human being, and I’m so excited for you to listen in today.

What we’re talking about

- Michelle’s journey

- Risk taking and moments of clarity

- Pursuing new paths

The journey that led to the here and now

“The waves parted for me, I could see a clear path that I wanted to go into storytelling and journalism.”

Having spent 4 years in advertising sales Michelle was feeling restless, unfulfilled and like life was passing her by. She knew that she wanted to do something creative, and when she got the opportunity to write a few articles for her company’s editorial team she found that this was the journey she wanted to pursue. Michelle started quietly scheming, saved some money, moved to Spain by herself and started doing travel writing. Eventually she returned home and has since then she has been doing journalism.

Those rare moments of clarity and quietly scheming

“I had a secret council, it was people that I knew that I could say anything to and they would say: I believe in you, this is what you should do, how can I help?”

When you come to a realization that there is a new dream or path you want to explore, this information is very scared and it’s not often that we get this clarity. During those moments where Michelle knew she wanted to go after something she kept it to herself as she didn’t want to be derailed by other people’s thoughts and opinions. She did however have a secret council, people who would motivate her and hold her accountable.

Pursuing new paths and why failure is the best

When you figure out a solution to a small problem that you encounter, when you pursue a new path, each solution that you arrive to brings about this feeling of happiness. You’re learning and you’re learning about your new limits.

Failure can be uncomfortable, painful and humiliating the first few times but it’s all just growing pains.

Thank you so much for joining today, I’m over the moon grateful to have you as part of this


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