Failures That Led to Success {And Are A Rite of Passage When Starting A Business} - Episode #26


We’re getting really personal today as we delve into some of my failures that led to success and what I believe are also a right of passage when it comes to starting a business or anything new.

What we’re talking about

  • Some really personal stories about times I got some big fat no’s

  • How some of those no’s led to things I am the proudest of

  • And a few tips, tricks, and a mantra I’d love to pass along

Celebrating it all

Most of us celebrate the wrong way. We teach ourselves to celebrate the wins and the times we actually get something. But if we learn to celebrate when we do something brave, when we say yes or when we hit send on that email, we start to realize how proud of ourselves we are and we grow our confidence. Each time we celebrate when we’re brave, those are the moments that make us feel genuinely confident.

One Of The Times I Got A No

I feel so honored and grateful to be able to speak at some of the best places to work around, like Facebook and Twitter. But before I landed those incredible jobs and worked with those people, I got a lot of no’s. There was this one company that I really wanted to work with, I put my whole heart and soul into this proposal. I got to the final round of who they were going to bring in for this big job…And you know what, I got a big fat giant NO. I cannot tell you how defeated and exhausted I felt after that.

How My No’s Med Me To My Proudest Moments

In the very beginning I had to get those first few clients under my belt. I remember reaching out to a handful of people and it was pretty much a combination of crickets and a lot of no’s. I will never forget sending those first emails, I only received one or 2 yeses…They are now still such good friends of mine and were clients of mine for years until they moved on and I have a booked business because I was brave and hit send!

What I’d Love To Share With You And My Mantra

When you start celebrating your efforts, courage and the small moments of the day, you’ll start saying yes to more things and you’ll take more risks. Stop waiting to celebrate just when you win, celebrate when you say yes.

Use this mantra and watch as opportunities show up in places you could never have imagined: Today I choose to celebrate my courage and live a life full of yes’s.

Thank you so much to joining today, I’m always over the moon grateful to have you as part of my community.

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