How To Plan Your Business Goals Around Work & Life {with Natalie Gingrich} - Episode #27


Natalie Gingrich, a mother of two and a native Texan, left it all behind to start an online business where she Project Manages other women’s six and seven figure businesses. After 15 years in a Fortune 150 company, today’s guest is sharing her journey of letting go. Letting go of having to live 2 lives, and having to put on 2 different personalities – one for work and one for home.

I wanted to bring Natalie on not only because she helps organize and streamline businesses, and not only because she has such a valuable story about how to leverage your corporate skills to do more meaningful work, but because she is genuinely a salt of the earth human who you’re going to love.

What We’re Talking About

  • Starting the wrong business in alignment with her passions, but not profit

  • Helping businesses plan their foundation and create action steps

  • What friendships now look like with her new job title & lifestyle

Having 2 Different Personalities

“I feel like when I was in corporate, I almost had 2 different personalities, because I was serving this business in a way that they had formed me to serve them.”

Natalie felt conflicted as at work she was getting stuff done and being a hard ass but at home she was this soft teddy bear who was still trying to keep order in the house. At that point these 2 just didn’t align. She just wanted to be who she really was, whether she was on a Zoom call or loving on her babies.

Natalie had the opportunity to step out of Corporate America and was motivated to do a lot of reflection.

Starting The Wrong Business

Natalie started what she thought would be a business, called The More Mom Movement. She had never been in business for herself yet, she came from a long line of entrepreneurs so she knew how to do it but it just wasn’t happening for her. She was extremely frustrated at not being able to monetize this, but looking back today she was trying to monetize something that was really more of a community and a passion project than a true business structure. This however gave her a great foundation to look at the online space and find opportunities therein and now she runs a successful business.

Planning From 2 Different Perspectives

Corporate planning – you have lots of resources around and you’re usually implementing somebody else’s vision. Your own business planning – you are playing multiple roles and you get to choose what the most important elements are.

What Friendships and Lifestyle Look Like Now

“By having your value set defined, I think you’ll start to reflect.”

As you go down that path where you realize what’s important in your life you really start to show yourself the real you that is unfiltered. It will start to influence how you make decisions and there are friends that you’re just naturally not attracted to anymore. For whatever reason, your values are misaligned.

Thank you so much for joining today, I’m so grateful to have you as part of this community.

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