How This Surfer Built One Of The First Acaí Bowl Shops In California {with Dan Goddard} - Episode #34


Dan Goddard started with me at Hot Dog On A Stick at the age of 15 (spoiler alert - this episode tells you A LOT about who I was earlier in life and how I have changed). After graduating from San Diego State University and pursuing a job in sales, Dan left it all to live in Hawaii, surf his brains out  and create a business that focuses on food that leaves people wanting to go outside and play instead of heading home for a nap.

Listen as we discuss what it’s like going into business for yourself, empowering others by creating a bigger team, and pursuing the passions you are most curious about. Grab an acai bowl or smoothie and join me in learning how Dan discovered the path he was meant to journey on.

What we’re talking about

  • Finding your passion later on in life

  • Turning that passion into a business

  • Running a brick-and-mortar business, while still have location indepence

  • And what it’s like to work at Hot Dog On A Stick as a 15 year old ;)

Go All In

Once you find the path you want to embark on in life, business, or relationships, taking that first step is key, but it can seem so daunting when you look at the big picture. Dan talks about how instead of tackling it all at once, he broke it down into smaller steps so that he could easily accomplish everything slowly but surely. Successes don’t happen overnight and neither do business launches. It’s ok to take one step at a time and not start running a marathon.

Where To Start

These days it seems that everyone has a passion or is looking for their passion when in fact, you don’t find your passions. Kelsey and Dan talk about their passionless days and how they created their passions (which is the exact opposite of stumbling upon them).  It’s up to you to create your passions and not to simply have one, but have many and know that they will change over time.

Learning To Depend On Others

As your business grows you will find that you probably aren’t an expert at every single thing, but there are people out there who are experts and are willing to help you. Dan talks about how he built his business to allow for others to take on key roles while giving him more freedom.  Letting go and letting others help you will be key in expanding your business. Sure it will be tough, but in the end you’ll be able to grow as a person and in your business by depending on others and having a team to share in the highs and lows and you go through the journey.

Thank you for joining Dan and I today and always. I hope you enjoyed learning about his path from the beach to bowls.  

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