A 10-Minute Secret to Following Through On Your Goals - Episode #35


Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with the amount that you have to do that you simply stop? In this episode we dive into the simple steps that you can take starting today to overcome those feelings and instead of stopping, moving forward to accomplishing those goals and tasks ahead of you.

In just 10 minutes a day, you can work on your goals. Take those 10 minutes across months of working consistently every day and you will have accomplished your goals and so much more. You might be building a business, or working on your website or simply trying to reconnect with a friend but just haven’t had the time or energy to do any of it. By starting tonight, I promise that tomorrow you will be feeling better about yourself and your goals. Find a routine and a way to be consistent and you will finally move forward. Even better is that you aren’t in this alone. I’m here to help you and even have a printable download to guide you.

What we’re talking about

  • 5 Things You’re Proud Of

  • What’s Weighing On You

  • 10 Minute Chunk


What are you proud of? Do the simple task of writing down 5 things you’re proud of. It is so important for each of us to take time and look at what we’ve done and give ourselves a pat on the back. You need to nurture your brain to see the positive not only in yourself, but in your environment as well.

Weighing You Down

Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is sitting on our shoulders with some of the tasks we assign ourselves. The weight feels so heavy that it stops us right where we are and we never tackle them, we let them continue to burden us. You have a choice on what you want to do with those things…ditch them, delegate them, or do them.

Just 10 Minutes

Take your tasks and break them down into 10 minute increments. Set aside just 10 minutes every day and work on them. This is a small amount of time, but it’s effective and over days and months, every minute will add up and you will be checking things off your list. Breaking down your bigger goals into 10 minute increments will change your life.

I am so excited to hear how you are spending your 10 minutes and how your life changes by implementing this simple but tried and true way of going after your goals. You are doing great things and are not alone on this journey.

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