500K IG Followers Later, How This Physical Therapist Started A Different Kind Of Business {with Jen Esquer} - Episode #36


Dr. Jen Esquer, better known as Doc Jen Fit isn’t your average physical therapist and with an Instagram following of over 500K, it isn’t simply her method that sets her apart. Growing up in an active family, Jen was always on the move and decided to keep moving in college by majoring in it. She’s worked with everyone from stay-at-home moms to Olympic athletes to celebrities, but no matter who the client is, her method is the same...listen to what your body is telling you and become more aware.

Join me as Doc Jen and I talk about not only what her Mobility Method is about, but what pain can teach us, how we should deal with it and learn from it and then learn how she grew an organic Instagram following of over 500K! She quit her day job, started a phenomenon with how physical therapy should help you and has even created an epic challenge for Whiskey & Work listeners. I loved discovering how Jen decided to go all out on her own and although it seemed to happen quickly, there was deep thought behind it. I can’t wait for you to hear this awesome interview and to share how your 7 day challenge goes!

What We’re Talking About

  • Pain Is Not Bad

  • Love Your Body

  • Starting Out On Your Own

Pain Is Not Bad

“Pain is not bad, not good, it’s just a signal.” Whether you suffer from back pain or joint pain, your body is trying to tell you something is going on and it’s your job to find out what is causing the pain. Often we seek physical therapists out to help rid us of the pain, but Doc Jen is different in her approach. Listening to your story, your journey and what your life is like, is part of her process.

Love Your Body

All too often we take advantage of our bodies. We work out too much or we don’t work out at all and we eat the wrong foods. We don’t appreciate all that our bodies are doing for us each and every single day. What if we changed our mentality and started simply loving our bodies? Listening to what our bodies are telling us and learning how to make changes are the steps that need to be taken. Doc Jen starts by listening and giving the gift of compassion.

Starting A New Career On Your Own

Doc Jen was a physical therapist working in a clinic. I was the director of advertising for major brands. We both left our day jobs to start careers on our own, but neither of us did it overnight. In this episode you’ll learn how we had similar approaches to getting started on our own as entrepreneurs and how our focuses are both aimed at helping people.

Get ready to listen more to your body, be challenged at the end of this episode and learn what you should be doing before you quit your day job. I’m so grateful to have interviewed Doc Jen and loved learning more about her journey. Thank you for listening and let me know how your challenge goes!

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