Your Summer Bucket List {Podcasts, Italy & More Money} - Episode #76


Summer has begun and there’s no better time than now to work on your bucket list. Your bucket list includes things you want to do that are a reflection of the person you want to be. Whether it’s travel, launching a podcast, trips to the beach, camping, or discovering more ways to volunteer, your list is important and you should tackle it. It’s time for you to start remembering the things in life that really light you up and to do them.

You’ve got great ideas and great dreams…make them happen!

What We’re Talking About

  • Bucket Lists

  • Making Memories

  • Podcast With Soul

Bucket Lists Are Who You Want To Be

Bucket lists are ways to figure out who you want to be and what you want to do. Your list might include travel destinations or career aspirations or meaningful ways you want to spend your money. No matter what is on your bucket list, it’s a reflection of the type of person you are striving to be and a great way to ensure you focus on how to become that person.

Creating Empathy & Making Memories

Traveling wasn’t always at the top of my list of things I wanted to do, but in doing so and seeing the world, I’ve learned about other cultures and how to empathize and connect with new people. This is something that I want to instill in my daughter while creating meaningful memories together. Whether you have a picnic on the beach or travel to Italy, it’s the importance of being in the moment and focusing on each other instead of our monotonous day-to-day activities.

Launching a Podcast Mastermind & Course

The Whiskey & Work podcast started out as a project with a goal of just 10 episodes that didn’t even need to be released on iTunes. It’s turned into a life-changing thing that I am so proud of of and excited to share with others who want to start a podcast. The Podcast with Soul Course is about to start and in just 6 weeks, you’ll be ready to launch your own podcast.

Do something you’re proud of this summer!

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