Event Planner, Oscar Party Host, Mama, & Co-Founder of Sterling Social {with Angela Margolis} - Episode #48


Our guest on today’s show, Angela Margolis is the co-founder of Sterling Social Events, a full-service event production company based in Los Angeles.

You can find Angela hosting some of the most famous parties out there like the Oscar’s Viewing Parties or Celebrity Book Launches. She works with powerhouses like Variety Magazine, Amazon, Netflix and Mercedes-Benz. She is the go-to events expert, and the queen of making her clients feel loved.

Today she is telling the story of how it all got started and how she knew it was time to take the risk and start her own beautiful business.

She is one of the most humble, sweet, beautiful souls and I’m so excited for you to meet her today so sit back and enjoy the latest episode of Whiskey & Work.

What We’re Talking About

  • How it all started

  • Throwing caution to the wind

  • Starting from scratch

How It All Started

“I always loved seeing joy on people’s faces when did something really fun and exciting.”

While Angela was at USC she did PR internships but was curious about the creative side of how events came together. She was given an opportunity to intern within this space and she carried this out the rest of her senior year and it became her first job.

Throwing Caution To The Wind

‘Do I need to know what else is out there, is the grass greener, I have no idea. But am I going to wake up in another 5 years and regret not experiencing the rest of the world?’

After working at her previous company for over 5 years, Angela decided that she needed a change. She started freelancing and received so much positive feedback. Not long after this, Angela’s current business partner also decided that she wanted to go on her own, and naturally they decided to work together.

Starting From Scratch

Having worked away from it all with nothing and not having contacted any previous clients, they knew that they wanted to start a business honestly, by themselves.

Being Labelled

“It took a long time for us to figure out how we as a brand were going to marry the 2 sides, because in our industry sometimes you’re labelled as a wedding planner or an event producer.”

Sterling Social caters for small intimate events as well as big scale events. Switching between the 2 allows for lots of interest and excitement as no event is ever the same.

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