National Radio Host, Career Expert & Author Of The Proximity Principle {with Ken Coleman} - Episode #56


Today’s guest is Ken Coleman, radio show host, career expert and author. Ken is sharing parts of his new book, The Proximity Principle and how to find clarity on what you were meant to do along with the path to turn your purpose into a reality. Ken is part coach, part counselor and always a cheerleader! From understanding how those you surround yourself with affect what you do to discovering the solution you want to provide to others, learn the steps you need to take in order to uncover your passion and start enjoying your Monday mornings!

Start being who you were meant to be today!

What We’re Talking About

  • Discovering Your Purpose

  • People

  • Owning Your Thoughts

Find Your Purpose and Turn It Into Your Career

When you listen to the Ken Coleman Show, don’t be surprised to hear people calling in and saying they don’t know what their passion is. Ken’s reply will be “yes, you do,” and then helps guide the caller and listeners into how they can discover what it is. We all have passions in life and asking ourselves “what problem do I want to solve?” or “what solution do I want to provide?” will help reveal what that passion is.

Who Are The People You Surround Yourself With?

Looking at the people you surround yourself will help you discover if they fuel you or drain you. In order to grow as a person and in your purpose, you need to be around other inspiring people. If you find like-minded people, they will propel you to where you want to go.

You Can’t Control Your Thoughts, But You Can Own Them

You can’t control the thoughts that come into your mind, but you can control what you do with them. Whether it’s fear or negativity that creeps in, it’s up to you how whether you let it become reality or chase it away.

You have a passion, find out what it is and start living it!

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