The One Truth That’s Actually Holding You Back {Plus How To Overcome It} - Episode #57


There is always that one thing in life that we worry will become our story and how people see us. Whether it’s the fact that you are brand new in a career that you don’t have experience in or are very emotional and sometimes that comes in moments you wish it didn’t; these are the grains of truth that make up a part of who we are. By owning all the parts, big and small, we can love ourselves completely.

Your job is to love all of you, the big parts and the small parts; the good parts and the bad parts.

What We’re Talking About

  • A Grain of Truth

  • Your Story

  • Loving Yourself

Discovering Your Truths

We all have a secret that we worry will be discovered and turned into the story of who we truly are. For some it could be that you are highly emotional and whether you’re in the middle of a big negotiation or argument with your partner, your emotions shine through. Your worry is that being emotional is going to reflect negatively on you and your boss will think you’re going to break down every time a serious talk comes up or your partner will tell friends about your disagreement and you’ll be known as the crazy one who gets all emotional. The truth is you’re emotional and that’s totally ok, it’s learning how to deal with it and owning it, that will make it your superpower.

Writing Your Story

Each and every one of our grains of truth make up part of our life story and who we are, but they don’t have to be our entire story. Just because you’re emotional doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate like a boss or stand your ground in an argument. You’ve launched a new business that you don’t have a ton of experience in, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be great at what you do. You get to write your own story and ensure it’s a positive one.

Embrace Who You Are

There are many parts that make up the whole of who you are. The grains of truth, the good and bad parts, the big and small parts all make you, you. Love every single part of yourself. Own your truths and write your own story.

You are amazing and the world needs you and your story.