Author of Bare & Life Coach, Talks About Pleasure, Will Power & Love {with Susan Hyatt} - Episode #58


Susan Hyatt is not only a life coach and author but a recognized leader in the field of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. Her new book, Bare, dives into properly taking care of yourself in order to transform who you are. Susan discusses her life-gain approach which includes finding more of what pleasures us and being intentional with advocating for ourselves in finding things of value.

Get ready for truth, laughs and tips on how to find more pleasure in your life!

What We’re Talking About

  • Women Have Plenty of Will Power

  • Pleasure

  • What Feels Like Love?

Women Handle A Lot

It is said that in order to diet, you need willpower to be successful, but Susan has a different philosophy. Women have more than enough willpower with everything they take on every single day, what’s missing is actually pleasure. It’s scientifically proven that the more pleasure you have, the better you feel.

Devotion to Yourself

Pleasure is finding what makes you truly happy and finding things that you enjoy. Most women put pleasure or self-care on the back-burner and prioritize children, partners and work before doing something for themselves. In doing this, we find pleasure in the wrong things, such as food or wine because it’s so easily accessible and feels like a reward in the moment. Instead, it’s a quick fix and isn’t actually doing anything for our bodies in a positive way.

Doing More of What You Crave

Susan shares two questions with us that we should be asking ourselves before reaching for that wheel of Brie and that glass of wine. What feels like love? What am I really craving? Susan shares tips on what you should be doing if your answers are comfort or more intellect, because discovering your true wants will bring you pleasure and ultimately more happiness.

Start enjoying life more by giving yourself more moments of pleasure.

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