1 Tip for Less Anxiety, More Productivity {Birthday Episode} - #63


No matter who you are or what you do, you will experience both highs and lows and there will be anxiety involved at some point. Today you will discover a tried and true tip on how to reduce your anxiety, increase your productivity and truly define your goals. I’m sharing not only my favorite tip, but something I am excited to be working on and the fact that it’s my birthday episode!

Let’s discover these goals together and make them a reality!

What we’re talking about

  • Planning Advice

  • Podcasting

  • The Warren Buffet Rule

My 3 Year Manifesto

I have a 3 year manifesto which I refer back to every week as I plan ahead. It includes how I want my mornings to look from the time I wake up to how I want to be feeling in that moment. Every week I prioritize 7 things I want to do and ensure that they align with my 3 year manifesto.

Podcast Course

Although I am wrapping up my BSchool Mastermind course and feel drained, I am so very excited to announce that I am working on launching a podcast course! In the course, I’ll be showing you how to podcast with soul, how to leave a legacy behind for your kids and family and how to create meaningful conversations with listeners.

Identifying Your Goals

Everyone feels anxiety at some time or another no matter who you are. This week, my husband, Colin reminded me to apply The Warren Buffet Rule. Mr. Buffet’s rule is to write down 25 goals and circle your top 5. The other 20 you should avoid at all costs. This method works over and over again and is great for not only your life goals, but for your every day to do lists as well.

I believe in you and don’t forget how very lucky the world is to have you!