Being Single In Your 30’s, A Book Called Toast & Finding Your Freedom In The Kitchen {with Kara Elise} - Episode #64


Chef and author, Kara Elise creates connections and experiences around food. Not only does Kara find beauty in toast a mere 64 ways, but she is writing a new book in which she compares her past relationships with various types of food. Get ready for laughter that will make you hungry, truth about relationships and life, and how beauty transforms the soul.

Look for the beauty in everything around you and start being mindful of life’s simple things.

What We’re Talking About

  • Finding Beauty in Toast

  • Hunger is a Desire

  • Relationships as Food

Food is Beautiful and Creates Mindfulness

Food has a unique beauty to it and even the simplest act of butter melting on toast is something that we should pause and take notice of. Kara wants to teach others the beauty of the kitchen and how that transforms the soul. From eating a grape and discovering the crunch and texture to touching a tasting a sweet potato through the eyes of a toddler, food is something that should be revered.

Viewing Hunger as a Longing for More

Hunger is a longing or desire for something that fulfills you. Kara woke up on her 32nd birthday in London after having a dream in which she was speaking to women on the topic of being single in your 30’s and what having a hunger to be in a relationship looked like. Because of that dream, Kara is in the midst of writing her second book about relationships and how the longing to be married isn’t just about simply getting married, but about finding that person that you want to be married to.

Defining Old Relationships as Food Types

If you’ve found your gourmet cheeseburger, then you’re lucky! Kara is still waiting for her cheeseburger and in the meantime takes us on a food journey of her past relationships. From snickers bars to TV dinners, Kara makes you laugh with her comparisons that are spot on.

Food and love are beautiful parts of life that we should savor.

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