Design Your Life, Transition Your Career & Find True Fulfillment {Featuring Gui Curi} - Episode #84


Gui Curi is the Founder of Sunny Minds Life Design where he creates engagements guiding leaders in their journey of adult learning and professional development. Life design is a powerful blend of design, facilitation, and coaching. Gui’s strategy, design and innovation background allows him to help others design their lives and live with true and complete fulfillment.  From surrounding yourself with like-minded people to turning self-criticism into self-discovery, Gui is filled with powerful knowledge that is changing lives and the way we deal with conflict.

Get ready to start asking yourself better questions!

What we’re talking about

  • Designing Your Life

  • Transitioning Your Career

  • Finding True Fulfillment

Living With Integrity

Design is a creative process. Life design is discovering a way to live with integrity in a creative way that allows you to reach your full potential and understand all of what is actually possible in your life. There are conflicts in our lives but the beauty of those conflicts is not that you are solving them, but that the conflicts are solving you.


Gui works with his clients to move from self-criticism to self-discovery. The process of self-discovery is about asking yourself better questions and coming to the answers on your own. As children, we are the products of the image our parents project on us, but as adults we must become the individuals we are meant to be. You are a combination of your personal and professional life and discovering who you are and what you want to do, is life changing. 

Understanding Who You Are

We all have finish lines in our lives but Gui says the role of the finish line isn’t simply arriving there, but using them to push us forward. The moment you realize who you are and what you are meant to be doing is the beginning of living and enjoying life in a new way. Once you fully understand who you are, you can start leading a more fulfilled life. 

The sooner you change your life, the sooner you can start enjoying it!