How To Have Better Relationships & Emotional Resilience Through Breathwork {Featuring Ashley Neese} - Episode #90


Ashley Neese is a breathwork teacher and author who guides people into their bodies to go beyond the cognitive mind in order to cultivate resilience, develop relational intelligence and trust the wisdom within. Ashley is sharing what breathwork is and how it can not only change your mindset, but your emotional state as well as build confidence. Breathing affects the mind in such a deep way that it will help you transform the way you think and react.

The breath is the foundation of every mindfulness practice, so let’s start breathing!

What we’re talking about

  • Breathwork

  • Gaining Confidence In Breathing

  • Following Your Gut

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the foundation of every mindfulness practice. It is about grounding the nervous system, moving energy and integrating our past. When you breathe with intention, you will elicit different effects on your body and be able to address areas in your life that you want to shift or integrate. Breathwork allows you to release energy, find clarity and live your passion. Breathwork is a deeper kind of self-care.

Breathing Can Change Your Mindset

Breathing affects your inner ear, body and mind and can shift your state of existence. Breathing can play a key role in building confidence. A great example of how breathing can change your mindset is when you are about to make a presentation but your body is filled with nerves, but if you take one minute to work on your breathing, focusing on your exhales with your hand on your heart, everything can change. Your mindset will shift and you will be able to focus on the reasons why you are giving a presentation, how you are in a time of growth and excitement and confidence will start to replace your nervousness.

Trusting In Yourself

Trusting in yourself and listening to your gut is usually always the right thing to do. If your gut tells you that a person is good or that a job is the right fit for you, then you need to listen. Ashely shares how following her led her to one evolution over the next and to meeting mentors and others who have helped fulfill her life. You have to trust yourself to know what’s right for you.

Trust in yourself and breath through the moment.