3 Lessons Learned From Hitting A Plateau In Work (And Life) - Episode #10


The plateau… It can show up when you’re stuck in work or in life.

You may be in a place where you feel like you’ve mastered the skill, but you’re not happy anymore… it’s not lighting you up.

We all want to get to the place where we’re always excited to go to work and pursue our goals.

Today we’re talking about….

  • 3 things I learned when I plateaued in work (and life)

  • Simple ways to figure out your next steps

  • Immediate ways to begin moving forward

We want you to get excited and motivated to overcome that plateau today.

Getting over the Work Plateau:

1.    Staying STILL in limbo sucks your confidence -- Taking action builds this confidence.

2.   Enter into your own season of YES

3.   See your value in your innate strengths vs. from your resume

Limbo is the grey area, where you…

  • get scared

  • things get confused and messy

  • lose your energy

  • doubt yourself

Problems occur when you stay here and are thinking but not acting for too long.

Pull yourself out of limbo

  • Take action to explore & address what is happening in your life and why you may be in limbo

  • 15 min a day to explore

  • Making a small decisions to start feeling the forward momentum

Start a morning routine:

If you didn’t catch my episode on Morning Routines(link), or the free download Morning Routine Planner(link) that came along with that episode, or my blog on 15 minutes a day(link)… then check them out!

When you start a morning routine, simply altering 15 minutes of you daily schedule – waking up 15 minutes earlier, you will get yourself OFF the work plateau.

Choose what to focus your 15 minutes on

  • For work: send an email to someone in your company or in your industry to find inspiration in a connection. Find what inspires these people, what lights them up, how they have an epic work/life balance, or simply to give recognition to their hard work.

  • For relationships: dedicate 1 coffee/cocktail date a week to “ask out” a friend or acquaintance who inspires you.

See what this does to your confidence & abilities toward the rest of your life. Take ownership.

Say YES to new things.

It is comfortable to settle once you reach “expertise” in your profession. This inhibits our growth. Being vulnerable enough to put your “learner hat” on and try something new. Saying yes to new things gives you answers to things you questioned about yourself. You will find your true passions, the happiness that fulfills you, you will learn how to make money through you these passions.

True strengths vs. resume strengths
To find these true strengths in your resume accomplishments: step away from the business outcome and surface level of the project.
Look at the deeper levels: the true needs of the client, how the project is staffed, the structure of the account, find efficiencies by focusing efforts, identify problems and help strategize new ways forward.
This allows you to see your true strengths.  
When you start seeing and recognizing innate strengths, you see more paths of opportunity in front of you & more doors open.

Most important things

  • Recognize the biggest reason you are doubting yourself is simply bc you haven’t moved forward. So take one small step today

  • Enter your season of yes

  • When you recognize your strengths are bigger than your resume... opportunities and ppl will start showing up in your life

Be Brave. Let Go of Perfection. Start Going After It.

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